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US4790044: Process for the purification of products of regenerated cellulose


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Hans-Gert Kirchner · Bernd Wahle ·
Assignee(s) Wolff Walsrode AG ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Sprung Horn Kramer & Woods ·
Primary Examiner Donald Watkins ·
Application Number US6916776
Filing date 10/09/1986
Issue date 12/13/1988
Predicted expiration date 10/09/2006
U.S. Classifications /815.1  · /814.91  ·
International Classifications D06B 312  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 8151;148;149.1;149.3;150 ·
Foreign Priority DE3536537 - 10/12/1985 ·
1 Claims, No Drawings


Process for the purification of products of regenerated cellulose in which the regenerated cellulose product is passed through at least one washing segment where it is initially squeezed out with the aid of a squeezing element and then washed out with the washing water, passed in counter current, while simultaneously being deflected over deflection elements.

Independent Claims | See all claims (1)

  1. 1.1. A process for the purification of films of salt-containing regenerated cellulose, comprising passing the film through at least one washing cycle wherein the film is sprayed with water, squeezing the film, passing the film about deflection elements immersed in countercurrently-flowing wash water so as to wash the film, again spraying with water and again squeezing the film, the squeezing linear pressure ranging from about 100 to 500N per cm and the residence time immersed in the countercurrently-flowing wash water being less than about 10 seconds.

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