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US4834546: Process for mixing batches of a fluid medium and apparatus therefor


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Joachim E. Putz ·
Assignee(s) Edeleanu Gesellschaft mbH ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Robert B. Burns ·
Primary Examiner Harvey C. Hornsby ·
Assistant Examiner Scott J. Haugland ·
Application Number US7044188
Filing date 04/30/1987
Issue date 05/30/1989
Predicted expiration date 04/30/2007
U.S. Classifications 366/141  · 222/77  ·
International Classifications B01F 1502  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 366141;152;162;18;151;153;160;150;177;348;8 ·
Foreign Priority DE3615859 - 05/10/1986 ·
1 Claims, No Drawings


The invention is directed to a method of and a system for mixing batches of a flowable medium, especially of hydrocarbons used as base materials for said media and of additives to be admixed thereto. In the mixing operation, the base materials and optionally additives are weighed in a primary weighing section capable of holding a complete batch to form the base medium. Independently thereof, additives, amounting to minor fractions of the batch, are weighed out in at least one precision weighing section. The weighed-out additive fractions are then admixed to the weighed-out base medium.

Independent Claims | See all claims (1)

  1. 1.1. A system for forming a quantity of a flowable material comprised of a major or bulk amount by weight of a hydrocarbon liquid, intermixed with a precise amount by weight of at least one additive material which system includes:a plurality of primary tank means for holding said major amount by weight of the hydrocarbon liquid,each of said primary tank means including a weighing means connected to each of said plurality of primary tank means for weighing bulk material in each primary tank means,each of said plurality of primary tank means including a weighting means associated therewith for weighing bulk material in the primary tank means with which it is associated,a plurality of sources containing additive materials to be intermixed with said major amount of hydrocarbon liquid,at least one secondary, tank means detachably and selectively communicable with each of said plurality of sources of additive material, to receive a deposit of additive material from the latter,precise weighing means at each of said at least one source of additive material, being operable to furnish a precise indication of the weight of additive material which is deposited into said at least one secondary tank from each of said plurality of sources of additive materials,a track positioned intermediate the respective plurality of primary tanks and the plurality of additive material containing sources,said at least one secondary tank including a carriage operably mounted onto said track and supportably holding a secondary tank for receiving precisely measured amounts of additive materials, andan elevating mechanism positioned at said at least one primary tank and being operable to engage and to elevate the mobile tank to a sufficient height relative to a primary tank to allow a gravity flow of additive material from said mobile tank into the hydrocarbon liquid held in the primary tank.

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