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US4850520: Cylindrical stitching device for binding single sheets


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Frank Schumann · Claus-Dieter Redmer · Lutz Richter ·
Assignee(s) VEB Kombinat Polygraph "Werner Lamberz" Leipzig ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Jordan and Hamburg ·
Primary Examiner Frank T. Yost ·
Assistant Examiner James L. Wolfe ·
Application Number US7162435
Filing date 03/01/1988
Issue date 07/25/1989
Predicted expiration date 03/01/2008
U.S. Classifications 227/81  · 227/99  ·
International Classifications B27F 710  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 22781;99 ·
Foreign Priority DD302357 - 05/04/1987 ·
11 Claims, No Drawings


A cylinder stitching device for binding single sheets for thread sealing, modified French sewing, as well as for wire stitching, includes a stitching cylinder that is controlled by central cams. The stitching cylinder is equipped with stitching heads which can be automatically lubricated, are adjustable, and can optionally be replaced. The production arrangement, attached peripherally to the circumference of the stitching cylinder, is likewise replaceable and automated, so that, by use of the adjusting devices provided for the cylinder stitching device, rapid adaptation to changing processing material as well as high productivity are guaranteed.

Independent Claims | See all claims (11)

  1. 1. In a cylinder stitching device for binding single sheets, having sheet guiding means, and one or two mutually connected or adjacent cylinders that can rotate about one or more central cams fastened on the cylinder axle, the improvement comprising stitching head replaceably mounted to move along on the cylinder, said stitching heads being mounted for movement axially and also along the cylinder circumference with respect to the sheet guiding means, and further comprising devices, fixedly positioned peripherally of the cylinder circumference, for cutting and forming thread or wire and for gluing and sealing thread pieces on sheets to be stitched.

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