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US4850759: Tool for metal cutting


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Strand; Bengt N. G. · Sven L. Eklund ·
Assignee(s) Seco Tools AB ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Burns, Doane, Swecker & Mathis ·
Primary Examiner Gil Weidenfeld ·
Assistant Examiner Daniel W. Howell ·
Application Number US7204284
Filing date 06/09/1988
Issue date 07/25/1989
Predicted expiration date 06/09/2008
U.S. Classifications 408/239.A  · 279/8  ·
International Classifications B23B 3110  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 2791 A;1 P;8;89;90;91;93;94;99;100;101 ·
Foreign Priority SE87027991 - 07/08/1987 ·
8 Claims, No Drawings


The present invention relates to a tool for metal cutting, said tool in working position preferably rotating around its longitudinal center axis, and that the tool comprises a cutting body (10;10a;10b;10c) and a shaft (12;12a;12b;12c), that supports the cutting body (10;10a;10b;10c). The aim of the invention is to solve the problem to design milling, drilling and turning tools of small dimensions having exchangeable cutting edges. The present invention is characterized in that the cutting body of the tool is designed as a uniform body comprising integrated cutting edges. By means of a locking screw (11; 11a;11b;11c) the cutting body (10;10a;10b;10c) is detachably fixed in the shaft (12;12a;12b;12c).

Independent Claims | See all claims (8)

  1. 1. A cutting tool for metal cutting comprising:a shaft having a conical seat and a recess with an internally threaded rear portion, said threaded portion containing either right-hand threads for right-hand cutting tools or left-hand threads for left-hand cutting tools, said seat defining a front-to-rear extending longitudinal axis,a locking screw including:an externally threaded rear portion for threaded connection with said internally threaded portion, anda first engagement means disposed at a front portion of said locking screw and having first mating surface means which includes a first laterally extending surface, anda cutting body including:a conical portion configured correspondingly to said conical seat,a cutting edge at a front portion of said cutting body, anda second engagement means disposed at a rear portion of said cutting body and comprising second mating surface means which includes a second laterally extending surface, said second mating surface means configured to mate with said first mating surface means such that said second lateral surface is disposed behind said first lateral surface, said cutting body being insertable into and removable from such mating relationship when said cutting body is in an insertion/removal position out of contact with said conical seat,said locking screw being rotatable within said recess about said axis causing said locking screw to be moved rearwardly by said threaded connection with said shaft, such rearward movement being transmitted to said cutting body by said first lateral surface to pull said cutting body rearwardly from said insertion/removal position into a securement position wherein said conical portion tightly engages said conical seat,said first mating surface means being configured such that at least a portion thereof lies in a path of rotation of said second mating surface means about said axis when said cutting body is in said securement position to thereby prevent rotation of said cutting body relative to said locking screw in either direction of rotation.

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