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US4883211: Explosive powder charge operated fastening element setting device


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Leo Philipp · Ernst Thuer · Gerhard Ehmig ·
Assignee(s) Hilti Aktiengesellschaft ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Toren, McGeady & Associates ·
Primary Examiner Donald R. Schran ·
Assistant Examiner James L. Wolfe ·
Application Number US7319425
Filing date 03/03/1989
Issue date 11/28/1989
Predicted expiration date 03/03/2009
U.S. Classifications 227/9  · 173/162.2  ·
International Classifications B25C 114  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 2279;10 ·
Foreign Priority DE3806831 - 03/03/1988 ·
5 Claims, No Drawings


An explosive powder charge operated fastening element setting device includes a housing supporting a handle. A damping unit is arranged between the handle and the housing so that the handle is displaceable in the setting direction of the setting device against a force developed in the damping device. A fastening element guide is mounted in the housing for movement opposite to the setting direction against a spring force. The force of the damping unit is greater than the spring force. The damping unit includes a cylinder containing a first fluid medium acting on a piston pressing, outside the cylinder, against the housing with a second fluid medium within the cylinder pressurizing the first fluid medium.

Independent Claims | See all claims (5)

  1. 1. Explosive powder charge operated setting device for driving fastening elements in a driving direction into a receiving material, comprising a housing having a front end and a rear end, a handle displaceably mounted on said housing, a damping unit in contact with said housing and said handle, a fastening element guide mounted in the front end of said housing and being displaceable into said housing counter to the driving direction against the force of spring mean biasing said guide in the setting direction, wherein the improvement comprises that said damping unit applies a force acting on said housing greater than the biasing force of said spring means, said handle is shaped as a receptacle for a cylinder forming a part of said damping unit and containing a first fluid medium pressurized by a second fluid medium, and said damping unit includes a first piston located within and extending out of said cylinder and bearing against said housing exteriorly of said cylinder with said first piston being acted on by said first fluid medium within said cylinder.

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DE3806831 HILTI AG PHILIPP LEO et al. Sep 1989
US4883211 Hilti Aktiengesellschaft Leo Philipp et al. Nov 1989
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