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US4895351: Tension-compression stay with fiber-reinforced synthetic resin material strut


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Jean-Michel Devaud ·
Assignee(s) Ciba-Geigy Corporation ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Harry Falber ·
Primary Examiner Andres Kashnikow ·
Assistant Examiner Matthew C. Graham ·
Application Number US7803681
Filing date 12/02/1985
Issue date 01/23/1990
Predicted expiration date 01/23/2007
U.S. Classifications 267/69  · 267/70  ·
International Classifications F16F 100  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 26769;70;148;149 ·
Foreign Priority CH587384 - 12/11/1984 ·
20 Claims, No Drawings


Metallic force-introducing elements are fastened to the two ends of a fiber-reinforced synthetic resin material tube. These elements consist each of an inner and an outer part which are screw-connected with one another. The inner part comprises a bushing-shaped thread-bearing shaft having an external threading and being screwed into the respective tube end. The outer part comprises a supporting sleeve which surrounds the tube end and absorbs radial forces generated by the thread-bearing shaft. This type of connection of a synthetic resin tube with force-introducing elements is not critical with respect to temperature changes and is particularly simple to assemble in the manufacture of a novel tension-compression stay.

Independent Claims | See all claims (20)

  1. 1. A tension-compression stay comprising a synthetic resin tubular strut, having two opposing ends and inner and outer walls, reinforced by fibers of high rigidity, and, at each of the two opposite ends of said strut, a force-introducing element of metal fastened to the respective end and comprising a metallic thread-bearing shaft having an external threading, said force-introducing elements being screwed directly into the ends of said synthetic resin tube by means of the threading of said shaft cutting into the inner wall of the tube ends.

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