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US5035184: Cargo restraint system


Filing Information

Inventor(s) John A. Bott ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Harness, Dickey & Pierce ·
Primary Examiner Russell D. Stormer ·
Assistant Examiner Gary C. Hoge ·
Application Number US7496115
Filing date 03/19/1990
Issue date 07/30/1991
Predicted expiration date 07/30/2008
U.S. Classifications 104/121  · 410/130  ·
International Classifications B60P 7135  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 410135;130;129;132;133;139;121;140;118 ·
Related U.S. Application DataThis is a continuation of U.S. patent application Ser. No. 07/251,033, filed Sept. 26, 1988, entitled CARGO RESTRAINT SYSTEM, which is a continuation of Ser. No. 07/021,778, filed Mar. 4, 1987, both abandoned.
15 Claims, No Drawings


A cargo restraint system for vehicles is disclosed. The cargo restraining device includes a mechanism secured to a vehicle surface to enable selectable positioning of the cargo restraint system. Also, a member for restraining cargo on the vehicle surface is associated with the selectable positioning mechanism secured to the vehicle surface. The restraining member is movable from a first position, substantially parallel with and adjacent to the vehicle surface, to a second operable position. In the operable second position, the restraining member is substantially orthogonal to the vehicle surface.

Independent Claims | See all claims (15)

  1. 1. A cargo restraint for a vehicle comprising:positioning means adapted to be fixedly secured to a vehicle surface for enabling selectable, slidable positioning of said cargo restraint above said surface; and a planar wall member for restraining movement of cargo on said vehicle surface, said wall member having a pair of opposite lateral edges and being movable from a retracted, nonrestraining, first position wherein the wall is substantially parallel to the vehicle surface and adjacent said positioning means to a restraining second position wherein said wall is substantially perpendicular to the vehicle surface for restraining cargo movement; and slider means disengageably associated with said positioning means, said slider means including a resilient bracket pivotally connected to each of said lateral edges of said wall member and said slider means and disposed for movement in a plane substantially perpendicular to said wall member, said bracket including means to allow said wall member to pivot toward said slider means for said first position.
  2. 7. A cargo restraint for a vehicle comprising:a pair of laterally spaced longitudinally extending track members positioned on a surface of the vehicle, a planar beam member movable between a first position generally perpendicular to said surface for restraining cargo on said surface and a retracted second position generally parallel to said surface and adjacent an upper surface of said track members, said beam member having a pair of opposite lateral edges with each edge having a first pin means, and a slider mechanism disengageably associated with at least one track member and including a bracket and a first pin means for pivotally securing said bracket to said slider mechanism, wherein said bracket includes means forming a slot extending therethrough and partially along said bracket, said second pin means being disposed within said slot and adapted for movement therealong to allow movement between said first and second positions, said slider mechanism being longitudinally movable with respect to said track member for selectively longitudinally positioning said slider mechanism and beam member therealong.
  3. 10. A cargo restraint for a vehicle comprising:a pair of longitudinally extending track members each adapted to be secured upon a substantially horizontal planar surface of a vehicle, a pair of sliders each including an elongated resilient bracket, said bracket being pinned at one end thereof to its slider and each respective slider being constrained for slidable longitudinal movement in one respective track member, said bracket having a slot extending therethrough and partially therealong, a beam member having opposite edges which define a plane, and pin means extending from each edge and extending through said slot in said bracket to connect said beam member to said brackets for enabling pivotal movement of said beam member with respect to said sliders, said beam member pivoting from a first position substantially parallel to said vehicle surface and over said sliders to a second position substantially orthogonal to said vehicle surface in which position said beam member can restrain articles disposed on said surface, wherein said pin means moves along said slot in said bracket to allow movement of said beam member toward said sliders from second to said first position.

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