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US5048375: Method for constructing a rotating cutting tool


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Yoshinobu Kobayashi ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Cushman, Darby & Cushman ·
Primary Examiner Daniel W. Howell ·
Application Number US7598814
Filing date 10/16/1990
Issue date 09/17/1991
Predicted expiration date 09/08/2009
U.S. Classifications 76/108.6  · 408/144  · 279/103  · 408/226  · 408/239R  ·
International Classifications B21K 502  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 279102;103;104 ·
Related U.S. Application DataThis is a continuation of application Ser. No. 07/404,496, filed on Sept. 8, 1989, which was abandoned upon the filing hereof.
Foreign Priority JP63124412[U] - 09/22/1988 ·
3 Claims, No Drawings


Disclosed is a very small sized rotating and cutting tool comprising a rotating and cutting part such as drill bit and a shank which is a separate solid body having a through aperture permitting insertion of the rotating and cutting part into the through aperture and removal of the rotating and cutting part from the through aperture when it has been worn or broken. With this arrangement the worn or broken rotating and cutting part can be easily removed from the shank simply by pushing the rotating and cutting part out of the through aperture of the shank, and the shank can be reused. Also, advantageously the lathing of a relatively large cylinder into a "large-and-small cylindrical object" as is carried out in making a conventional miniature drill, is not required. For these reasons miniature rotating-and-cutting tools can be manufactured and marketed at reduced price.

Independent Claims | See all claims (3)

  1. 1. A method for constructing a rotating cutting tool comprising the steps of:providing a rotating cutting part;providing a solid monolithic shank which is larger in diameter than the rotating cutting part;providing a through-aperture in the shank extending from a first end of the shank to a second end of the shank;heating the shank to expand the shank;inserting the rotating cutting part into the first end of the through-aperture of the heated shank;cooling the shank to contract the shank around the rotating cutting part; wherein the rotating cutting part can be removed from the shank and replaced when the rotating cutting part has worn and when the rotating cutting part has broken by reheating the shank to expand the shank, and pushing the rotating cutting part out of the shank through-aperture with a rod inserted in the second end of the through-aperture.

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