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US5076383: Steering damper device


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Kazushiro Inoue · Kazuyuki Harada · Kiyotaka Hayashi · Etsumi Handa ·
Assignee(s) Honda Giken Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Rosen, Dainow & Jacobs ·
Primary Examiner Charles A. Marmor ·
Assistant Examiner Alan M. Kagen ·
Application Number US7367027
Filing date 06/16/1989
Issue date 12/31/1991
Predicted expiration date 06/16/2009
U.S. Classifications 180/150  · 180/132  ·
International Classifications B62D 510  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 180132;150;153;154;159;160;161;162 ·
Foreign Priority JP63150622 - 06/17/1988 · JP6383682[U] - 06/24/1988 ·
5 Claims, No Drawings


A steering damper device includes a cylinder assembly having a plurality of fluid chambers providing a fluid circuit that is controlled by a control valve assembly which is operatively associated with a steering shaft to detect a steering force applied to the steering shaft. A flow rate control unit having a restriction for restricting a fluid flow in one direction is disposed in fluid passages which provide fluid communication between the fluid chambers through the control valve assembly. The steering damper device comprises an actuator in a hydraulically operated power steering apparatus including an oil pump and a reservoir tank. The cylinder assembly comprises a cylinder for generating an assistive steering force. The flow rate control unit restricts the flow flowing only from the control valve assembly to the oil pump.

Independent Claims | See all claims (5)

  1. 1. In a steering damper device for a motor vehicle having a vehicle frame, a steering handle, a steering shaft supporting the steering handle, at least one road wheel, and an output member operatively coupled to the steering shaft for transmitting a steering action of the steering handle to the road wheel, the improvement wherein said steering damper device comprises:a first detecting mechanism operatively coupled to the steering shaft for detecting a direction in which the steering shaft is turned;a second detecting mechanism operatively coupled to the output member for detecting a direction in which the road wheel is steered; anda damping force generating mechanism operatively coupled to said first detecting mechanism, said second detecting mechanism, and said output member, said damping force generating mechanism having means for imposing a damping force on said output member so that a kickback acting on the steering handle can be reduced when said second detecting mechanism detects that said direction in which the road wheel is steered becomes instantaneously opposite to the direction in which the steering handle is turned, due to a reactive force applied from a road to the road wheel,said first detecting mechanism comprising a first movable member connected to the steering shaft and movable therewith;said second detecting mechanism comprising a second movable member connected to said output member and movable therewith;said damping force generating mechanism comprising:a housing integrally attached to said second movable member and having a chamber defined therein;a stationary member fixed to the vehicle frame and dividing said chamber in the housing into two fluid chambers;fluid passages at least partly defined in said housing and providing fluid communication between said fluid chambers;a control valve coupled to said first movable member and disposed in said housing, said control valve selectively controlling said fluid passages so as to allow a fluid to flow in a predetermined direction through one of said fluid passages as long as said second movable member moves in the same direction as the direction in which said first movable member moves; anda one-way valve disposed in said one fluid passage and developing a resistance to the fluid flow only when the fluid tends to flow in a direction opposite to said predetermined direction at the time said second movable member instantaneously moves in a direction opposite to the direction in which said first movable member moves.

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