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US5096186: Aerobic climbing step/bench


Filing Information

Inventor(s) William T. Wilkinson · Peter W. Bressler ·
Assignee(s) William T. Wilkinson ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Connolly & Hutz ·
Primary Examiner Richard J. Apley ·
Assistant Examiner L. Thomas ·
Application Number US7615243
Filing date 11/19/1990
Issue date 03/17/1992
Predicted expiration date 11/19/2010
U.S. Classifications 272/70  · 248/912  ·
International Classifications A63B 500  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 27265;70;93;144;DIG. 4 ·
17 Claims, No Drawings


An exercise step/bench for aerobic climbing and dance includes a base in the form of a horizontal platform generally rectangularly shaped with a downwardly extending apron. Each corner of the platform is provided with a plurality of leg receiving openings. A leg is provided for each corner and is constructed so as to be reversibly mounted in its respective corner thus providing height adjustability in accordance with the orientation of the leg and the selection of the particular opening into which the leg is mounted.

Independent Claims | See all claims (17)

  1. 1. An exercise device for use in aerobic step climbing, routines/programs comprising a base, said base consisting of a horizontal platform having opposite ends and intermediate sides with a downwardly extending apron extending from each of said ends and said sides, a corner where each of said ends is joined to each of said sides, a pair of leg receiving openings in each of said corners, and each of said leg receiving openings being of a different effective length than the length of the other of said leg receiving openings whereby a leg may be detachably inserted into a selected one of said openings to provide variable height adjustment of the distance of said platform in accordance with the selective mounting of the legs in said openings or in accordance with the absence of any legs from said openings.

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Other Publications

Remar Sutton, The Washington Post, 9/24/90, section B5.

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