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US5106288: Laser based plastic model making workstation


Filing Information

Inventor(s) John L. Hughes ·
Assignee(s) Austral Asian Lasers Pty Ltd. ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Dvorak and Traub ·
Primary Examiner James C. Housel ·
Application Number US7459779
Filing date 01/24/1990
PCT 371 date 01/24/1990
Issue date 04/21/1992
Predicted expiration date 01/24/2010
U.S. Classifications 425/174.4  · 118/620  ·
International Classifications B29C 3508  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 425112;161;162;174.4;375 ·
PCT Application Number PCTAU8900156 - 04/11/1989
PCT Publication Number WO198909687 - 10/19/1989
Foreign Priority AUPI7690 - 04/11/1988 ·
11 Claims, No Drawings


A system for producing precision plastic products via the polymerization of liquid plastics using combined static ultra-violet laser stencil imaging with dynamic focused ultra-violet laser beams is provided. Computer control of the position of the laser beams relative to the face of a computer controlled adjustable pattern immersed in the liquid plastic allows for the hardened plastic product being produced to rest on an end face of the piston as the computer controlled laser beam profiling processes takes place within the liquid plastic.

Independent Claims | See all claims (11)

  1. 1. A system for producing precision plastic products via ultra-violet laser beam polymerization of liquid plastics, comprising:a tank for containing liquid ultra-violet curable plastic,ultra-violet means for selectively curing a portion of the plastic on a surface thereof, said ultra-violet means having a first ultra-violet part and a second ultra-violet part,a movable base means for supporting the selectively cured portion,said first ultra-violet part forming an ultra-violet laser beam image which is static for each successive position of said base means for high resolution polymerization,said second ultra-violet part forming a focused ultra-violet laser beam spot which is dynamic for each successive position of said base means for low resolution polymerization,and control means for controlling said ultra-violet means and said base means such that said base means is successively movable in order to permit said ultra-violet means to selectively cure successive plastic portions, whereby a three-dimensional polymerized plastic object is formed.

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Other Publications

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