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US5162048: Additive for hydrocarbon fuels


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Samuel Diaz-Valdes ·
Assignee(s) Kirsten, Inc. ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Charles E. Temko ·
Primary Examiner Ellen McAvoy ·
Application Number US7569642
Filing date 08/20/1990
Issue date 11/10/1992
Predicted expiration date 08/20/2010
U.S. Classifications 44/324  · 44/326  · 44/325  · 44/323  · 564/281  · 564/292  · 564/503  ·
International Classifications C10L 122  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 44323;324;325;326 ·
Foreign Priority AR315024 - 09/27/1989 ·
8 Claims, No Drawings


The present invention relates to an additive to hydrocarbon fuels which includes nitrate of ethanolamine as an additive to reduce the quantity of smoke and improve the efficiency of combustion. The invention also relates to a process for the preparation of this additive and of the fuels improved by the addition of the additive.

Independent Claims | See all claims (8)

  1. 1. An additive for hydrocarbon fuels, capable of reducing smoke and carbon monoxide in exhaust gases consisting of the product of a reaction of nitrate of ammonium and anhydrous ethanol, in the presence of a nitroderivative selected from the group consisting of mono-nitrobenzene and mono-nitroalkyl (C-1-C-4) benzene or a mixture of the same at a temperature of not more than 40-45 degrees C., the nitroderivative being in a concentration of 1 to 3% by weight, the molar relation between the nitroderivatives and nitrate of ammonium being at least 0.05-0.1 to 1.
  2. 7. A process for the preparation of an additive for hydrocarbon fuels for reducing smoke and carbon monoxide in exhaust gasses consisting of the steps of:a) heating anhydrous ethanol to approximately 25 degrees C.;b) gradually adding approximately 76 grams of nitrate of ammonium per liter of anhydrous ethanol while continuously agitating the mixture;c) at a point when all of the nitrate of ammonium is dissolved in the ethanol, adding 15 milliliters of a nitroderivative per liter of ethanol selected from the group consisting of mono-nitrobenzene, mono-nitroalkyl (C-1-C-4) benzene and mixtures thereof, while continuously agitating;d) subsequently adding approximately 30 grams per liter of ethanol of a dehydrating agent in sufficient quantity to retain substantially all of the water produced during reaction, and allowing the dehydrating agent to crystallize;e) thereafter, separating the dehydrating agent.

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