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US5190878: Apparatus for cultivating cells


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Minuth Wilhelm ·
Assignee(s) WILHELM MINUTH ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Lucas & Just ·
Primary Examiner Robert J. Warden ·
Assistant Examiner Trembley; T. A. ·
Application Number US7627729
Filing date 12/14/1990
Issue date 03/02/1993
Predicted expiration date 12/14/2010
U.S. Classifications 435/285  · 435/284  ·
International Classifications C12M 300  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 435170-180;240.1-240.243;284-287;296-301;310-311;313 ·
Foreign Priority DE3923279 - 07/14/1989 ·
15 Claims, No Drawings


The apparatus uses a holding device (2) which has a support ring (3) and a fixed ring (4). A cell substrate (1) is held between support ring (3) and fixed ring (4). The fixed ring (4) has a thickness less than the cylindrical height (3') of the support ring (3) so that only the support ring abuts against the surface of the culture vessel. Since fixing ring (4) does not abut against a surface, there is no pressure on the cell substrate (1). The holding device (2) is held inside the apparatus with space on both the apical and basal sides. Inflow ports (13) and outflow ports (14) are provided for both apical space and basal space to allow for introduction of cell treatment medium.

Independent Claims | See all claims (15)

  1. 1. An apparatus for cultivation of biological cells, comprising:a culture vessel defining an internal space (11, 19, 22, 26);at least one inflow opening (13) communicating with said internal space for introducing a cell treatment medium;at least one outflow opening (14) communicating with said internal space (11, 19, 22, 26) for removing said cell treatment medium;at least one holding device (2) arranged to support a penetrable flat cell substrate (1) with a cell culture thereon and being removably installed in said internal space such that the holding device rests on a surface inside the internal space and the cell treatment medium can come into contact with said cell substrate (1) from both the apical and basal sides;said holding device (2) comprising a supporting ring (3) and a fixing ring (4), said supporting and fixing rings being concentric, and with the cell substrate being fixed between these rings (3, 4);the supporting ring (3) having a supporting ring section (3') encircling said fixing ring (4) and said supporting ring section having an axial height (h);the fixing ring (4) having an axial thickness, the axial thickness of the fixing ring being sufficiently smaller than the axial height (h) of said supporting ring section (3') such that the fixing ring (4), when positioned in said supporting ring, is incapable of abutting the said surface of the internal space of the holding device (2).

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