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US5271169: Snow shovel/pusher


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Krzysztof J. Konsztowicz ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Armstrong; R. Craig ·
Primary Examiner Randolph A. Reese ·
Assistant Examiner McBee; J. Russell ·
Application Number US7973739
Filing date 11/09/1992
Issue date 12/21/1993
Predicted expiration date 11/09/2012
U.S. Classifications 37/271  · 37/270  · 37/285  ·
International Classifications E01H 502  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 37285;270;271;265;264;266;219 ·
Foreign Priority CA2111518 - 12/15/1993 ·
8 Claims, No Drawings


The device includes a blade and a handle whereby the device may be used as a conventional snow pusher. Skis or skids below the blade support the blade at an angle relative to the ground, and may raise the blade 5 cm or so off the ground surface, so that the blade does not snag the ground during pushing. Left and right struts support the skis from the blade. The struts are collapsible, and when collapsed the skis lie tucked away against the back of the blade, whereby the device may be used as a shovel.

Independent Claims | See all claims (8)

  1. 1. A snow shovel/pusher device, comprising:a blade, having a lower edge, an upper edge, and two opposite side edges;a handle attached to the blade and extending upwardly therefrom;two elongated laterally spaced-apart runners having a front and rear ends, said runners being pivotally connected with respect to said blade, near the front ends of said runners and the lower edge of said blade; andstrut means pivotally connected to an upper portion of said blade, arranged to be operable between two positions, namely a folded position against said blade, in which said runners may also be folded against said blade, and an extended position where said strut means project away from said blade at a substantial angle, towards a rearward portion of said runners, and engageable therewith to support said blade at a substantial angle from said runners.

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