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US5282690: Foldable pull-out index card


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Sharolyn A. Moseley ·
Attorney/Agent(s) John P. Halvonik ·
Primary Examiner Mark Rosenbaum ·
Assistant Examiner Fridie, Jr.; Willmon ·
Application Number US7979264
Filing date 11/20/1992
Issue date 02/01/1994
Predicted expiration date 11/20/2012
U.S. Classifications 402/79  · 283/36  ·
International Classifications B42F 1300  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 40279;500 ·
4 Claims, No Drawings


The invention is a foldable pull-out, index card for use with business file card systems that typically use two rails in order to hold a series of business type cards in a file. The pull-out, index card may be used with a set of business cards as an index or table of contents for the rest of the cards in the file. The pull-out card has a front panel with two notched portions in the bottom edge to guide the card along the pair of rails in the business card file. A series of intermediate panels fold out above the front panel and contain printed information pertinent to the subject matter of other cards in the file. The back panel of the card may also have a pair of notched portions to further secure the fold-out card in the file.

Independent Claims | See all claims (4)

  1. 1. A foldable pull-out index card for use with index card filing systems having at least one rail, said index card comprising: blank made of printable material having a bottom edge and an upper edge and having at least two fold lines across the width of said blank so as to form a front panel bordered by said bottom edge and a first fold line and a back panel bordered by said upper edge and a final fold line, and at least one intermediate panel bordered by said fold lines, at least one notch in said bottom edge for sliding contact with said rail and said rear panel having at least one notch for contact with said rail, said card having printed information on at least one of said panels.

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