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US5474374: Cabinet-mounted sliding tray


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Dennis L. Sandvig ·
Assignee(s) None listed in document.
Attorney/Agent(s) Todd N. Hathaway ·
Primary Examiner Kenneth J. Dorner ·
Assistant Examiner Anthony Barfield ·
Application Number US8306261
Filing date 09/14/1994
Issue date 12/12/1995
Predicted expiration date 09/14/2014
U.S. Classifications 312/274  · 312/271  ·
International Classifications A47B 7710  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 312271;273;274;275;276 ·
16 Claims, No Drawings


A sliding tray assembly for mounting in a kitchen cabinet or the like. The edges of the tray panel are received in guide channels, and a drawbar is attached to the cabinet door to automatically slide the tray in and out. The forward end of the panel is radiused off at one corner to clear the inside of the door, and the bracket for mounting the rearward end of the drawbar to the panel is configured to allow the panel to be inverted for left- or right-hand installations. The bracket also provides a backstop for retaining articles on the tray panel.

Independent Claims | See all claims (16)

  1. 1. A sliding tray assembly configured to be mounted in a cabinet having an outwardly opening door, said tray assembly comprising:a tray panel having parallel side edges and a forward end with a first, relatively square corner and a second, rounded-off corner which is configured to clear an inside of a cabinet door;first and second channel members mountable to a cabinet floor and having guide slots for receiving said edges of said panel;a door bracket member which is mountable to an inside of said cabinet door;an elongate drawbar having a forward end pivotally mountable to said door bracket member and a rearward end; anda combination backstop and pivot attachment member mounted to a rearward end of said tray panel, said combination member comprising:a channel portion having upper and lower walls which define a horizontal slot for retaining said rearward edge of said tray panel;upper and lower flange portions which extend outwardly from said walls so as to form upper and lower backstops along said rearward edge of said panel;upper and lower receptacle portions formed in said walls of said channel portion and extending outwardly from said horizontal slot so as to form upper and lower pockets adjacent said panel for receiving said second end of said drawbar;said upper and lower pockets being arranged in vertical alignment on opposite sides of said slot so that said tray panel is alternatively mountable in first and second positions in which, respectively, said rounded-off corner clears a cabinet door which opens in right-handed and left-handed directions, by inverting said panel and installing said second end of said drawbar in a selected one of said pockets which is positioned on a lower side of said panel; anda pivot pin which extends vertically through said receptacle portions and said end of said drawbar which is received in said selected one thereof so as to pivotally interconnect said drawbar and said rearward edge of said tray panel, so that said drawbar extends beneath said tray panel and slides said panel through said channel members and in and out of said cabinet in response to opening and closing of said door.

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