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US5873503: Weight support harness


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Paula Atherton · Michael Gibney ·
Assignee(s) None listed in document.
Attorney/Agent(s) Y. Kateshov ·
Primary Examiner Allan N. Shoap ·
Assistant Examiner Gregory M. Vidovich ·
Application Number US8966225
Filing date 11/07/1997
Issue date 02/23/1999
Predicted expiration date 11/07/2017
U.S. Classifications 224/259  · 224/265  ·
International Classifications A45F 314  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 224191;606;623;624;627;646;259;262;268;910;908;909 ·
7 Claims, No Drawings


A harness for supporting an instrument includes a pair of shoulder straps extending from waist belts and terminating above the person's chest and another strap connected to the pair of shoulder straps and extending therefrom downward to receive a hook assembly for supporting a musical instrument.

Independent Claims | See all claims (7)

  1. 1. A harness for supporting an instrument comprising:belt means for fastening completely around a waist of a person;a pair of flaccid shoulder straps for extending over respective shoulders of the person and having a pair of first ends which are operatively connected at spaced apart locations to the belt means and a pair of second ends extending down in front of the person and secured to one another and terminating in the vicinity above the person's chest;a third strap having one of its ends operatively attached to said second ends of said shoulder straps and an opposite end terminating below the persons chest;hook means for mounting an instrument on the opposite end of the third strap, said shoulder straps being pulled inwardly toward the person's neck upon suspending the instrument on said third strap which extends generally parallel to a spinal cord.

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