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US5975954: Universal serial bus receptacle electric connector


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Kun-Tsan Wu · Song-Rong Chiou ·
Assignee(s) Hon Hai Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. ·
Primary Examiner Khiem Nguyen ·
Application Number US8961318
Filing date 10/30/1997
Issue date 11/02/1999
Predicted expiration date 10/30/2017
U.S. Classifications 439/607  ·
International Classifications H01R 13648  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 439607;609;620;885;901 ·
Foreign Priority TW85218083 - 11/22/1996 ·
11 Claims, No Drawings


A USB receptacle electric connector consists of a dielectric housing, four conductive contacts and a shielding/grounding shell. The housing has an outer wall and a middle wall located within the outer wall defining four contact passageways. Each contact has a contact portion and a fitting portion received in a corresponding contact passageway, and a terminal portion extending perpendicular to and outside the housing for connection with a printed circuit board. The housing and the shell are dimensioned so that the shell is mounted inside the housing. When the shell is mounted inside the housing, it abuts an inner face of the outer wall of the housing, in which three locking tabs formed by tail portions of three side walls of the shell are fixedly engaged with the housing while middle portions of the three side walls are restrained in three channels defined by the housing. Furthermore, four outwardly and rearwardly protruding mounting tabs which are formed at a front end of the shell are fitted in four recesses defined in a front face of the outer wall of the housing.

Independent Claims | See all claims (11)

  1. 1. An electrical connector, comprising:a dielectric housing having an outer wall with a rectangular configuration having a front face for connecting with a mating connector, a rear face opposite the front face, a bottom face for connecting to a printed circuit board and a top face opposite the bottom face, and a middle wall with a plate-like configuration, said middle wall received within the outer wall and spaced therefrom a distance and defining a number of contact passageways on a first face thereof;a number of conductive contacts each having a contact portion for connecting with a mating connector and a terminal portion for connecting with a printed circuit board, said contact portion being received in a corresponding contact passageway and said terminal portion extending beyond the bottom face of the housing; andan electromagnetic shielding/grounding shell having a substantially rectangular configuration, fixedly mounted inside the housing and abutting an inner face of the outer wall, said shell having a flared front end engaging with the front face of the housing, a middle portion retained within the outer wall of the housing and a rear portion defining a locking tab having a free end extending toward the front end of the shell and fixedly engaging with the outer wall of the housing.
  2. 11.11. An electric connector including an integrally formed dielectric housing defining a plurality of passageways disposed on a same vertical plane receiving therein a corresponding number of contacts, wherein front ends of said passageways are positioned in a middle wall of the housing extending within a first space surrounded by outer walls of the housing, and rear ends of said passageways communicate with a second space defined in front of a rear face of the housing, and wherein a rear portion of the housing includes a stair-shaped cross-section and tails of said contacts are aligned in one row in a front-to-rear direction of said second space.

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