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US6152907: Absorbent article


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Urban Widlund · Anders Gustafsson · Anna Svernlov ·
Assignee(s) Molnlycke AB ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Young & Thompson ·
Primary Examiner Aaron J. Lewis ·
Assistant Examiner Reichle; K. M. ·
Application Number US9070751
Filing date 05/01/1998
Issue date 11/28/2000
Predicted expiration date 09/10/2016
U.S. Classifications 604/385.08  · 604/385.19  ·
International Classifications A61F 1315  ·
Kind CodeA
International Classifications 604317;327-331;346-358;369;374-378;385.1;385.2;397-399 ·
This application is a division of copending application Ser. No. 08/704,705, filed Sep. 10, 1996.
Foreign Priority SE9400916 - 03/18/1994 ·
10 Claims, No Drawings


An absorbent article having a front part (12), a rear part (14) and an intermediate crotch part (13), such as a diaper, an incontinence guard or like article. The article includes an absorbent body (1), a liquid-impermeable bottom sheet (7) joined to the absorbent body, and a top sheet (9) which is free from connection with the absorbent body over a large part of its surface and which lies proximal to the wearer's body when the article is worn, and which top sheet includes an opening (15) which extends from the rear article part into the crotch part, and elastic devices (24, 25) which are fastened to the top sheet in a stretched state and which when contracting from the stretched state cause the part of the top sheet that is not joined to the absorbent body to be distanced from the body. The top sheet (9) includes a further opening (16) which extends from the front part (12) into the crotch part (13). A piece (26) of flexible material extends transversely across the article between the absorbent body (1) and the top sheet (9) within that region of the top sheet that lies between the two openings (15, 16), this piece of flexible material being fastened to the absorbent body and to the top sheet.

Independent Claims | See all claims (10)

  1. 1. An absorbent article comprising:front and rear parts and a crotch part therebetween;an absorbent body extended longitudinally from said front part to said rear part;a liquid-impermeable bottom sheet and a liquid-permeable casing sheet sandwiching said absorbent body;a monolithic top sheet that lies proximal to a wearer's body when the article is being worn, said top sheet having a first opening therethrough at said front part and a second opening therethrough at said rear part, said first and second openings each having longitudinal edges and respective front and rear part lateral edges spaced from peripheral edges of said top sheet and crotch part lateral edges separated from each other by a laterally extended bridge of said top sheet,said longitudinal edges of each of said first and second openings converging continuously from a respective one of said front and rear part lateral edges to a respective one of said crotch part lateral edges to provide each of said openings with a truncated triangular shape when said top sheet is flat;said top sheet being directly connected to said casing sheet at a periphery of said top sheet;elastic devices fastened to said top sheet in the stretched state that separate said top sheet from said casing sheet when contracted, except at said periphery of said top sheet; anda laterally aligned flexible member directly connected to said top sheet across said bridge and that is either directly connected to or is part of said casing sheet adjacent said crotch part, said flexible member being a side of a first pouch that opens at said first opening and a side of a second pouch that opens at said second opening and separates said first and second pouches from each other.

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