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US6227311: Drill pipe guiding apparatus for a horizontal boring machine method


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Mark Osadchuk ·
Assignee(s) Ozzies Pipeline Padder, Inc. ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Crutsinger & Booth ·
Primary Examiner Frank Tsay ·
Application Number US9436010
Filing date 11/08/1999
Issue date 05/08/2001
Predicted expiration date 11/08/2019
U.S. Classifications 175/53  · 175/61  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeB1
International Classifications 175 61 · 175 73 · 175 74 · 175 75 · 175 53 · 175 89 · 175108 · 175113 · 175121 ·
9 Claims, 4 Drawings


Drill pipe guide apparatus provided for use in conjunction with a pipeline drilling rig as used in drilling substantially horizontal holes for pipe to pass beneath natural or man-made obstruction has a “Vee” shaped trough extending longitudinally from an inclined ramp that serves as a base for the drilling rig. Inverted “Vee”, pipe confining members are hingedly mounted at each end of the trough member so as to confine the pipe within the trough but also allow passing a drill string member of larger diameter, such as a stabilizer, by opening and closing each hinge confining member in turn as the stabilizer passes. A hydraulic cylinder member is connected between trough member and the inclined ramp to provide the trough with vertical movement capability for pipe guiding purposes.

Independent Claims | See all claims (9)

  1. 1. Drill pipe guide apparatus for a pipeline drilling rig with a longitudinal inclined ramp, as is used for drilling a substantially horizontal hole, the drill pipe guide apparatus comprising: a trough member located along the central axis of the drill pipe for support thereof, the trough member being mounted for substantially vertical movement with respect to the inclined ramp and having longitudinally oriented first and second ends; a drill pipe confining member mounted at the first end and movable between a closed pipe confining and guiding first position to an open and unconfining second position; a drill pipe confining member mounted at the second end and moveable between a closed pipe confining and guiding first position to a open and unconfining second position; and means for moving the confining members between the first and second positions.

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