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US6233160: Water/vapor proof marine fuse box


Filing Information

Inventor(s) James P. Shockley ·
Assignee(s) None listed in document.
Attorney/Agent(s) Charles I. Brodsky ·
Primary Examiner Leo P. Picard ·
Assistant Examiner Hung Van Duong ·
Application Number US9438622
Filing date 11/12/1999
Issue date 05/15/2001
Predicted expiration date 11/12/2019
U.S. Classifications 361/833  · 439/620  · 361/835  · 361/626  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeB1
International Classifications 439620-622 · 361833 · 361626 · 361630 · 361646 · 361835 · 361837 ·
8 Claims, 3 Drawings


A fuse box providing a weatherproof, waterproof long lasting enclosure which prevents moisture and especially air/water borne salt from corroding the within circuit block, fuses, and electrical wires, and which permits the easy addition of accessory circuits without destructive modification of the box. In a preferred embodiment, a plurality of pass-through openings are formed between facing edges of a fixed section of a non-corrosive case with a removable cut-out clamping section which secures to compress the electrical wires when installed—with the fuse box than being covered by a removable water/vapor tight lid.

Independent Claims | See all claims (8)

  1. 1. A water/vapor proof marine fuse box comprising: a non-corrosive case having a fixed section and a pair of cut-out sections to be clamped thereto in forming a plurality of pass-through openings for receiving electrical wires to be connected internally of said case; a plurality of attachment points within said case to receive said electrical wires and/or fuses; and a removable water/vapor tight lid covering said non-corrosive case; with said pair of cut out sections being temporarily removable for permitting insertion of said electrical wires through said pass-through openings and reinsertable for compressing said connected wires within said pass-through openings when clamped back in place to hold said wires secure and to limit water/vapor passage into said non-corrosive case via said openings.

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