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US6305714: Folder with framed windows and method of manufacturing thereof


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Paul Rossetto · James Joseph Steger · Patricia Forrest ·
Assignee(s) Acco Brands, Inc. ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Pennie & Edmonds LLP ·
Primary Examiner Willmon Fridie, Jr. ·
Assistant Examiner Mark T. Henderson ·
Application Number US9346689
Filing date 07/02/1999
Issue date 10/23/2001
Predicted expiration date 07/02/2019
U.S. Classifications 281/37  · 407/  · 281/51  · 402/4  · 402/70  · 402/73  · 281/31  · 407/25  · 407/26  · 407/75  · 407/68  · 407/77  · 281/29  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeB1
International Classifications 281 31 · 281 37 · 281 29 · 281 51 · 402 4 · 402 70 · 402 73 · 40725 · 40726 · 40700 · 40775 · 40777 · 40768 ·
26 Claims, 8 Drawings


A folder having framed windows featuring a first panel, a second panel and a spine panel disposed between the covers. A pocket panel secured to the holder providing framed windows in substantial alignment with the front cover and the spine such that a sheet containing content information is insertable within the pocket and displayable over the front cover, spine or a combination thereof. A mounting sheet is insertable within the pocket for securing a sheet containing content identification. The mounting sheet has a plurality of fasteners adaptable for securing and displaying sheets for insertion into the pocket in multiple orientations. In the first orientation, the plurality of fasteners secures the sheet such that it extends over the front cover and is viewable only within the framed window of the front cover. In the second orientation, the fasteners secure the sheet such that it extends over both the front cover and the spine and is viewable within both framed windows. In both orientations, the framed windows cover the fasteners from view.

Independent Claims | See all claims (26)

  1. 1. A folder comprising: a) a cover having an exterior surface and having first and second panels pivotably associated with each other; and b) a mounting portion associable with the first and second panels for mounting a display sheet extendable across both the first and second panels, the mounting portion including at least one first fastener configured and disposed to secure the display sheet in a first position relative to the mounting portion; wherein at least a portion of the display sheet is visible from the exterior surface of the cover when the display sheet is in the first position.
  2. 24. A folder comprising: a) a cover having first and second panels pivotably associated with each other; b) a binder mechanism attached to the cover and configured for binding sheets having predetermined dimensions with the predetermined dimensions oriented in a bound orientation; and c) a mounting portion for receiving a display sheet having said predetermined dimensions, the mounting portion having at least one fastener formed thereon and configured and dimensioned for mounting the display sheet with the predetermined dimensions oriented in a display orientation, wherein the display orientation is disposed at an angle with respect to the bound orientation.

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