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US6329195: Cell culture apparatus


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Walter Pfaller ·
Assignee(s) ACM-Biotech GmbH ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Hamilton, Brook, Smith & Reynolds ·
Primary Examiner William H. Beisner ·
Application Number US9451969
Filing date 11/30/1999
Issue date 12/11/2001
Predicted expiration date 11/30/2019
U.S. Classifications 435/297.2  · 435/297.5  · 435/287.1  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeB1
International Classifications 4352871 · 4352879 · 4352971 · 4352972 · 4352975 ·
Foreign Priority AT133898 - 08/03/1998 · FR9915146 - 12/01/1999 · NL1013649 - 11/23/1999 ·
19 Claims, 4 Drawings


A cell culture apparatus includes at least one growth support for cells which borders on at least one side to a culture medium compartment which is suppliable, preferably continuously, with liquid culture media via inflow and outflow openings. The cell culture apparatus includes at least one gas compartment which is suppliable with a defined gas or mixture of gases, wherein said gas compartment borders to the culture medium compartment via a gas permeable but liquid impermeable membrane.

Independent Claims | See all claims (19)

  1. 1. A cell culture apparatus comprising at least one cell culture part having a growth support for cells which borders with two culture medium compartments which are suppliable via inflow and outflow openings by liquid culture media; and a gas part having at least one gas space which can be supplied with a gas, wherein said gas space borders the culture medium compartments via a gas permeable, liquid impermeable membrane.
  2. 18. A cell culture apparatus comprising: a) growth support for cells; b) two culture medium compartments, which are proximate to said growth support for cells, wherein said compartments include an inflow opening and an outflow opening for liquid culture media; and c) a gas compartment, which is proximate to each said culture medium compartment, wherein said gas compartment includes a gas permeable, liquid impermeable membrane which allows passage of gas from said gas compartment to said culture medium compartments.

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