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US6394989: Absorbent article having deformation inducing means


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Satoshi Mizutani ·
Assignee(s) Uni-Charm Corporation ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Baker & Daniels ·
Primary Examiner John G. Weiss ·
Assistant Examiner Michael Bogart ·
Application Number US9161022
Filing date 09/25/1998
Issue date 05/28/2002
Predicted expiration date 09/25/2018
U.S. Classifications 604/385.01  · 604/385.26  · 604/385.27  · 604/383  · 604/385.201  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeB2
International Classifications 604347 · 604354 · 6043851 · 604386 · 6043852 · 604387 · 604378 · 604109 · 604 494 · 60438501 · 604385201 · 60438527 · 60438526 · 604383 ·
Foreign Priority JP9264654 - 09/29/1997 · JP9264655 - 09/29/1997 ·
14 Claims, 7 Drawings


An absorbent article such as sanitary napkin having an absorbent laminate is provided on a skin-noncontactable side of the laminate with deformation inducing means. The deformation inducing means include a hydrophobic panel member and an elastically stretchable member adapted to pull the panel member toward its middle under contractile force of the elastically stretchable member and thereby to convexly deform the panel member toward a skin-contactable side of the laminate. Convex deformation of the panel member by the deformation inducing means allows the laminate to be convexly deformed.

Independent Claims | See all claims (14)

  1. 1. An absorbent article having a longitudinal axis, a skin-contactable side and a skin-noncontactable side, said absorbent article comprises: an absorbent laminate and deformation inducing means provided adjacent said skin-noncontactable side so as to convexly deform said absorbent laminate toward said skin-contactable side; said absorbent laminate including a convexly deformable zone which lies on both sides of said longitudinal axis so as to be contoured symmetrically with respect to said longitudinal axis, and deformation assisting means formed on both sides of said convexly deformable zone; said deformation inducing means including a panel member and an elastically stretchable member which has transverse ends thereof secured in a vicinity of said deformation assisting means to said panel member so as to convexly deform said panel member about said longitudinal axis toward said skin-contactable side as said elastically stretchable member elastically contracts, respective regions of said absorbent laminate and said deformation inducing means which have been convexly deformed are deformable to substantially flat states against a contractile force of said elastically stretchable member when a contacting pressure directed from said skin-contactable side toward said skin-noncontactable side is exerted on said article.

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