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US6419512: System for interconnecting medium-voltage or high-voltage electrical cells in enclosures


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Thierry Starck ·
Assignee(s) Aestom ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Sughrue Mion, PLLC ·
Primary Examiner Brian Sircus ·
Assistant Examiner Phuong Dinh ·
Application Number US9740785
Filing date 12/21/2000
Issue date 07/16/2002
Predicted expiration date 12/21/2020
U.S. Classifications 439/278  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeB2
International Classifications 439278 · 439559 · 439821 · 439141 · 439819 · 439 88 · 439 89 · 174 38 · 174 13 ·
Foreign Priority FR9916245 - 12/22/1999 ·
11 Claims, 5 Drawings


The system for interconnecting pairs of aligned axial conductors of cells housed in enclosures (3, 3′) equipped with bushings (1, 1′) is made up of modules each consisting of an interconnection device (8) and an electrical insulation structure positioned around the interconnection device. The electrical insulation structure is a flexible insulative sleeve (12) of elastically adaptable length whose flat annular ends are pressed by removable clamps (13, 13′) against the bushings (1, 1′) through which the conductors of the connection device pass.

Independent Claims | See all claims (11)

  1. 1. A system for interconnecting one of medium-voltage and high-voltage electrical cells housed in shielded, gas-insulated and hermetically sealed enclosures, comprising: sealed and insulative bushings having respective axial conductors, said respective axial conductors of said bushings being aligned in pairs and each having an accessible outside connecting end; an interconnecting device operable to electrically connect two adjacent ends of said axial conductors of adjoining bushings; a flexible insulative sleeve of elastically adaptable length surrounding said interconnecting device, said sleeve approximately coaxial with said axial conductors; and a removable fixing device which fixes the bushing to each annular end of said sleeve, wherein said sleeve has a longitudinal central portion which includes a projecting annular fold forming a return spring, and between said central portion and at least one of two annular flat ends, a longitudinal zone which includes a re-entrant annular fold so that the inside surface of said sleeve is locally in contact with said axial conductor at said zone, said inside surface being covered by a semi-conductive layer that is equal to the same potential as the axial conductors.

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