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US6439653: Mounting structure with improved stiffness characteristics


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Amar Ourchane · Ching-Hung Chuang · Ronald Machin · Scott Crane · Xiao Wu ·
Assignee(s) FOrd Global tech., Inc. ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Ford Global Tech., Inc. ·
Primary Examiner D. Glenn Dayoan ·
Assistant Examiner Hilary Gutman ·
Application Number US9604587
Filing date 06/27/2000
Issue date 08/27/2002
Predicted expiration date 06/27/2020
U.S. Classifications 296/202  · 276/29  · 276/203.03  · 276/187  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeB1
International Classifications 296187 · 296202 · 29620303 · 296 29 · 296 30 · 296188 · 296189 ·
16 Claims, 3 Drawings


A mounting structure 10 having improved stiffness characteristics. The mounting structure 10 includes a pillar 14 which forms a portion of a vehicle body 12 and which operatively supports a vehicle door which is selectively attached to the pillar 14 by hinges 16. The structure 10 includes a pair of “closed-loop” beads which are formed around hinges 16, and which increase the stiffness characteristics of the pillar 14 and of the vehicle door.

Independent Claims | See all claims (16)

  1. 1. A vehicle pillar having a first region on which a component is selectively mounted of a hinge which is coupled to said first region and a bead which is integrally formed from pillar and which substantially circumscribes said first region in substantially the same said hinge, said bead being effective to stiffen said pillar.
  2. 5. A mounting structure for use with a vehicle having a body and a door, said mounting structure comprising: a pillar disposed upon said body; at least one first member which is coupled to said pillar and to said door, thereby connecting said door to said pillar; and at least one bead which is integrally formed from said pillar and around said at least one first member, and which is effective to stiffen said pillar.
  3. 11. A method for increasing the stiffness of a vehicle pillar member on which a component is selectively mounted, said method comprising the steps of: determining a region of said vehicular pillar member on which said component is selectively mounted; and forming a continuous bead from said vehicle pillar member and around said region, thereby increasing the stiffness of said vehicular pillar member.

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