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US6662942: Glove package


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Maria A. Bonzagni ·
Assignee(s) Acushnet Company ·
Attorney/Agent(s) D. Michael Burns ·
Primary Examiner Diego Gutierrez ·
Assistant Examiner Madeline Gonzalez ·
Application Number US10160613
Filing date 05/30/2002
Issue date 12/16/2003
Predicted expiration date 05/30/2022
U.S. Classifications 206/278  · 33/2.R  · 335/12  · 206/459.5  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeB1
International Classifications 33511 · 33512 · 33 2 R · 33494 · 335142 · 33515 · 33549 · 33551 · 33 17 R · 2063151 · 206278 · 2064595 ·
8 Claims, 5 Drawings


A blister type packaging, housing at least one golf glove, has a device and indicia incorporated within the package whereby a user may estimate his/her glove size by merely placing his/her hand on a measuring station that will determine glove size by the length of the middle finger. The package will have incorporated a stop-tab, that the user will wedge between the web junction of his/her index and middle fingers, which will serve as a orientation or reference point for the correct positioning of the hand. The stop-tab is an integral part of the package, and helps to make the packages stackable with each other by nestling within the indentation of an adjoining package.

Independent Claims | See all claims (8)

  1. 1. A package for a golf glove comprising: an opaque blister package containing at least one golf glove; the blister package having generally planar front and back surfaces; a reference point on stop-tab protruding from the back surface for orienting an individuals hand on a measuring station on the back surface; and a corresponding indentation on the front surface of the package; the indentation of a configuration for nesting together a stop-tab of an adjoining package to create stackable packages; and sizing indicia on the measuring station being visible from the back surface as an aid in selecting a proper sized glove.

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Patent Family

Document NumberAssigneeInventorsIssue/Pub Date
US20030221327 Maria Bonzagni Dec 2003
US6662942 Acushnet Company Maria A. Bonzagni Dec 2003