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US6666804: Two stage clamping pinion


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Mario Fabris ·
Assignee(s) None listed in document.
Attorney/Agent(s) Edward H. Oldham ·
Primary Examiner Gregory Vidovich ·
Assistant Examiner Marc Jimenez ·
Application Number US10314981
Filing date 12/10/2002
Issue date 12/23/2003
Prior Publication Data
Predicted expiration date 01/03/2023
Patent term adjustment 24
U.S. Classifications 492/21  · 464/184  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeB2
International Classifications 492 1 · 492 57 · 492 4 · 492 15 · 492 21 · 298952 · 2989521 · 29895213 · 2989523 · 72247 · 72249 · 72237 · 722525 · 279 42 · 279 48 · 279 53 · 279 52 · 464179 · 464183 · 464182 · 464184 · 464172 · 464175 · 464177 · 464162 ·
Related U.S. Application DataThis application claims the benefit of provisional application Ser. No. 60/338,670 filed Dec. 11, 2001.
6 Claims, 9 Drawings


A pinion for mounting rolls thereupon for reducing rod or wire in a rolling mill wherein said pinion has a pair of hydraulic pressure chambers formed therein which cause a threaded plug in a cavity in said pinion to undergo lateral movement to expand the pinion to engage a roll mounted on said pinion, and thence to cause a clamp to laterally clamp a roll against an abutment formed on the pinion to clamp the roll on the pinion once the plug has undergo lateral movement.

Independent Claims | See all claims (6)

  1. 1. A driving shaft having a hollow concentric cavity formed in one end of said shaft, said cavity being partially threaded with threads of a modified buttress type, a plug fitted into said cavity with threads matching those of said cavity, a sealed chamber formed in the closed end of said cavity between said plug and said cavity, hydraulic pressure means for applying fluid under pressure into said sealed chamber to cause an axial shift of said plug in said cavity to expand said hollow cavity at said plug.
  2. 3. A pinion for securing a reduction roll on said pinion against a shoulder formed adjacent the end of said pinion, a hollow cylindraceous cavity formed in said pinion at one end of said pinion, said cavity being closed at the end thereof remote from the end of said pinion, said cavity being at lease partially threaded with threads of a modified buttress type to accept a threaded plug having matching threads in said cavity, said plug and cavity forming a sealed chamber at the closed end of said cavity, conduit means for introducing pressurized fluid into said chamber to exert pressure on said plug to move said lug axially toward the end of said pinion.
  3. 4. A driving pinion for mounting a reduction roll thereon for operation in a steel mill, said pinion having a shoulder formed in the outer surface thereof adjacent the end thereof, a coaxial cylindraceous cavity fonned in said pinion extending in said pinion between said shoulder and the end of said pinion, said cavity having a threaded portion for receiving a plug therein, said plug and cavity being threaded with threads of a modified buttress type, said plug being sealed in said cavity to form a chamber in said cavity, said plug having a coaxial bore through the center of said plug, bolt means passing through said bore of said plug, said bolt having conduit means formed thereon, said bolt being threaded into said pinion at the closed end of said cavity, so that said bolt, said plug and said cavity form a sealed hollow first chamber within said cavity, hydraulic pressure fluid means attached to said bolt for pressurizing said chamber to move said plug laterally within said cavity.

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US20030125176 Mario Fabris Jul 2003
US6666804 Mario Fabris Dec 2003