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US6694573: Snap with supports


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Hideyuki Matsushima ·
Assignee(s) YKK Corporation ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett, & Dunner, L.L.P. ·
Primary Examiner Robert J. Sandy ·
Assistant Examiner André L. Jackson ·
Application Number US9840112
Filing date 04/24/2001
Issue date 02/24/2004
Prior Publication Data
Predicted expiration date 07/06/2021
Patent term adjustment 73
U.S. Classifications 241/144  · 246/821  · 241/140.5  · 24/901  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeB2
International Classifications 24 901 · 24305 · 241144 · 24104 · 24306 · 2411405 · 241148 · 24681 · 246821 · 24683 · 24629 · 24662 ·
Foreign Priority JP2000130653 - 04/28/2000 ·
7 Claims, 8 Drawings


This invention intends to provide a snap with supports, the snap being formed of resin across a pair of tapes in a simple manner thereby leading to improvement of productivity and securing a solid structure and practical performance. Supports such as tapes are disposed in parallel with a gap. By using this gap, male bodies or female bodies of the snaps of thermoplastic resin are formed across opposing edges of the tapes opposing each other at a predetermined pitch by injection molding means or extrusion molding means. A string may be used as the support. Different from a conventional processing in which an attaching hole is made in the center of the tape and resin snap is formed therein, a boring step is not necessary. Thus, this snap with tapes is created through such a simple processing.

Independent Claims | See all claims (7)

  1. 1. Snaps with supports, wherein at least either a plurality of male bodies or female bodies of the snaps composed of thermoplastic resin are attached by integral molding along a pair of supports being composed of long tapes and disposed in parallel opposing each other across a constant gap nipping opposing surfaces of each support at a predetermined pitch and across said gap.

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