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US6722115: Rake with extendable material-moving implement


Filing Information

Inventor(s) David S. DeWinter ·
Assignee(s) None listed in document.
Attorney/Agent(s) Price, Heneveld, Cooper, DeWitt & Litton ·
Primary Examiner Robert E. Pezzuto ·
Assistant Examiner Nathan Mammen ·
Application Number US9813552
Filing date 03/21/2001
Issue date 04/20/2004
Prior Publication Data
Predicted expiration date 03/21/2021
U.S. Classifications 564/1.2  · 172/375  · 564/.4  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeB2
International Classifications 172 34 · 172371 · 172372 · 172373 · 172374 · 172375 · 172378 · 172380 · 172381 · 5640001 · 5640004 · 5640005 · 5640006 · 5640007 · 5640011 · 5640012 · 5640016 · 5640019 · 5640021 · 274508 · 274 509 ·
9 Claims, 8 Drawings


A combination rake and material-spreading tool includes an elongate handle, a raking implement attached to an end of the handle, and a material-spreading implement. The material-spreading implement includes a substantially continuous plate that is moveable between a retracted position in which the material-spreading implement exposes the rake tines for normal raking operations and a fully deployed position in which the material-spreading implement is positioned with a lower edge of the substantially continuous plate positioned proximate distal free ends of the tines. An actuator is mounted on the handle, and a mechanical linkage operably connects the actuator with the material-spreading implement, whereby positioning of the material-spreading implement is achieved by manipulation of the actuator.

Independent Claims | See all claims (9)

  1. 1. A combination rake and material-spreading implement, comprising: an elongate shaft; a rake head including a plurality of rigid tines, the rake head fixed at one end of the elongate shaft; a material-spreading implement including a substantially continuous plate, the material-spreading implement pivotally attached to the tool for rotational movement with respect to the rake head between a fully retracted position and a fully deployed position; and a lock for retaining the material-spreading implement at a position between the fully deployed position and the fully retracted position to adjust the effective length of the tines.

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Patent Family

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US20020134066 David DeWinter Sep 2002
US6722115 David S. DeWinter Apr 2004