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US6746457: Snared suture trimmer


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Mike Dana · Rob George · T. Daniel Gross · Maurice Marthaler · Dawn Ma · Jim Swett ·
Assignee(s) Abbott Laboratories ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Joseph A. Twarowski ·
Primary Examiner Kevin T. Truong ·
Application Number US10004817
Filing date 12/07/2001
Issue date 06/08/2004
Prior Publication Data
Predicted expiration date 12/07/2021
U.S. Classifications 606/148  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeB2
International Classifications 606139 · 606144 · 606148 · 289 12 · 289 15 · 289 2 · 289 17 ·
8 Claims, 9 Drawings


A suture trimmer, the suture trimmer including a shaft having a first end, a second end and a bore extending axially therebetween, the shaft having an opening formed in the side adjacent the distal end. A fitting is on the distal end of the shaft, the fitting having an aperture formed therethrough, the aperture axially aligned with the bore of the lumen and in communication with the opening formed in the shaft. The suture trimmer further including a actuating device, the actuating device coupled to a cutting member slidably disposed within the bore of the shaft, the cutting member configured to be moved between a first position and a second position, when disposed in the second position the cutting member closes the opening formed in the side of the shaft.

Independent Claims | See all claims (8)

  1. 1. A method for closing a suture loop, the method comprising: tensioning a suture loop, the suture loop disposed within a patient and having two free ends and a knot disposed on one of the free ends; providing a suture trimmer comprising a shaft having a distal end, the shaft having an opening formed in a side adjacent the distal end, a fitting on the distal end of the shaft, the fitting having an aperture formed therethrough, the aperture being in communication with the opening; providing a suture snare comprising a housing and a snare, the snare extending from the housing and further through the opening of the shaft and the aperture of the fitting, the housing of the suture snare being detachably attached to the shaft; disposing the two free ends of the suture through the suture trimmer by disposing the two free ends of the suture through the snare and advancing the snare through the opening and the aperture; advancing the distal end of the suture trimmer to contact the knot and advance the knot to close the suture loop while holding at least one end of the suture; and activating a cutting member operatively associated with the suture trimmer to cut the two free ends of the suture adjacent to the knot.

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