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US6755155: Horse trailer


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Nancy May ·
Assignee(s) None listed in document.
Primary Examiner Thomas Price ·
Application Number US10176784
Filing date 06/24/2002
Issue date 06/29/2004
Prior Publication Data
Predicted expiration date 06/24/2022
U.S. Classifications 119/400  · 296/198  · 280/851  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeB2
International Classifications 280851 · 280847 · 280849 · 2961801 · 2961804 · 296181 · 296182 · 296198 · 296199 · 296 372 · 296 373 · 119400 · 119405 ·
7 Claims, 7 Drawings


A horse trailer having a cover plate releasably secured to a fender such that the cover plate will provide a shield extending downwardly from the fender to cover the wheel well area and wheels against pawing and kicking of horses tied to the side of the trailer and extending upwardly from the fender to provide a support for an animal feed trough.

Independent Claims | See all claims (7)

  1. 1. A horse trailer with a box having spaced apart side walls, a front wall, a floor interconnecting said spaced apart walls and front walls, a door providing closure between said spaced apart side walls at an end of said trailer spaced from and opposite said front wall, an under carriage supporting said box, a tongue fixed to and projecting from said undercarriage, a hitch fixed to said tongue and at least one wheel on each side of said box, under a fender, each said wheel being mounted to said under carriage; and the improvement comprising a protective cover assembly for each said wheel at one side of said box, said protective cover assembly including a mounting plate overlying said fender; means releasably securing said mounting plate to said fender; and a protective cover extending downwardly from said mounting plate and across said wheel at said one side of said box to adjacent a bottom of each said wheel at said one side of said box.

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Patent Family

Document NumberAssigneeInventorsIssue/Pub Date
US20030233987 Nancy May Dec 2003
US6755155 Nancy May Jun 2004