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US7073625: Exhaust gas muffler and flow director


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Randolph S. Barth ·
Assignee(s) BARTH RANDOLPH S ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Charles I. Brodsky ·
Primary Examiner Edgardo San Martin ·
Application Number US10666329
Filing date 09/22/2003
Issue date 07/11/2006
Prior Publication Data
Predicted expiration date 07/22/2024
Patent term adjustment 304
U.S. Classifications 181/240  · 180/257  · 180/256  · 603/23  · 180/252  ·
International Classifications F01N110  · F01N124  · F01N710  ·
Kind CodeB2
7 Claims, 7 Drawings


Either or both of an exhaust pipe coupled to the output end of an automobile engine collector pipe or the plurality of pipes coupled to the input apertures of the collector pipe from the engine are apertured along their lengths and contained within a further surrounding pipe in providing an exhaust which simultaneously serves as a muffler for the vehicle and to traverse the various component parts of its exhaust system and/or the vehicle engine when composed of a plurality of pipe segments, individual ones of which are of preselected length, and cut at their respective ends at preselected angles for joining together in appropriate orientation.

Independent Claims | See all claims (7)

  1. 1. In an exhaust system of an automotive vehicle, the combination comprising: a collector pipe having multiple inputs and a single output; a plurality of header pipes individually coupled from the head of an internal combustion engine to one of said multiple inputs of said collector pipe; an exhaust pipe directly coupled to said output of said collector pipe; with each of said header pipes and said exhaust pipe being composed of a plurality of pipe segments of preselected length, cut at their ends at preselected angles, for joining together in orientation to traverse component parts of the rear housing, steering system and control installations of the automotive vehicle; a further pipe cut into segments of preselected lengths and at preselected angles for surrounding and containing at least one of said exhaust pipe and the pipe segments thereof, and each of said header pipes and the pipe segments thereof; and with the surrounded pipe segments having a plurality of apertures spaced apart from one another substantially along their entire respective lengths; the combination supplanting any need for a muffler in the automotive vehicle exhaust system.

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Patent Family

Document NumberAssigneeInventorsIssue/Pub Date
US20050061579 Randolph Barth Mar 2005
US7073625 BARTH RANDOLPH S Randolph S. Barth Jul 2006