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US7424406: Filter characteristic measuring method and system


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Young-Dong Nam ·
Assignee(s) Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Mills & Onello LLP ·
Primary Examiner John H Le ·
Application Number US10737149
Filing date 12/15/2003
Issue date 09/09/2008
Prior Publication Data
Predicted expiration date 12/04/2024
Patent term adjustment 355
U.S. Classifications 702/190  · 455/671.1  · 381/58  · 702/124  · 324/158.1  ·
International Classifications G06F1500  · H03F126  ·
Kind CodeB2
Foreign Priority KR1020020080116 - 12/16/2002 ·
1 Claims, 5 Drawings


Described are a filter characteristic measuring method and system capable of measuring a gain of an analog filter adapted in a DUT (Device Under Test) and a frequency response at a high speed, wherein the filter characteristic measuring method includes the steps of generating an impulse signal; applying the impulse signal to the DUT having an analog filter through a digital channel; and measuring a gain of the analog filter in the DUT and a frequency characteristic by using an output of the analog filter.

Independent Claims | See all claims (1)

  1. 1. A system for measuring a characteristic of a filter in a DUT employing an analog filter, said system comprising: a digital channel for providing an impulse signal without applying a sine wave to the analog filter of the DUT; a digitizer for receiving an output signal of the analog filter in response to the impulse signal so as to measure the characteristic of the filter; and a controller for controlling the digital channel and the digitizer, wherein the digitizer comprises: an anti-aliasing filter for antialiasing-filtering an output of the analog filter; an analog to digital (A/D) converter for converting a filter output outputted from the anti-aliasing filter into digital data; a memory for capturing the digital data outputted from the A/D converter at a determined storage region; a digital signal processor (DSP) for processing in signal the digital data captured at the memory; and a digital filter for receiving a process signal outputted from the DSP and digitally filtering the process signal.

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