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US7451707: Gun barrel cleaning device


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Trent Hadden ·
Assignee(s) HADDEN TRENT ·
Primary Examiner Jacob Y. Choi ·
Assistant Examiner Jonathan C Weber ·
Application Number US11755632
Filing date 05/30/2007
Issue date 11/18/2008
Predicted expiration date 05/30/2027
U.S. Classifications 102/529  · 102/502  · 102/498  · 102/444  · 102/511  · 102/512  · 102/442  ·
International Classifications F42B800  ·
Kind CodeB1
2 Claims, 4 Drawings


The present gun barrel cleaning device provides a special cartridge with a casing filled with a carbon dioxide charge which forwardly propels a push pin having a sliding seal near the firing pin and a two-pieced break-away seal at the opposite end, which separates to push a cloth rag and metal brush through the bore when the cartridge is loaded into the gun and the gun is fired.

Independent Claims | See all claims (2)

  1. 1. A gun barrel cleaning device comprising: a cartridge having a plastic or metal casing further comprising: a pin seal unit further comprising: a push pin having a parallelepiped sliding seal at a proximal end and a break-away seal at a distal end where said casing narrows, said sliding seal being axially oriented with respect to a gun firing pin and sealing said casing at one end and said breakaway seal being formed of two removably affixed hollow frustrums, an interior frustrum and an exterior frustrum, placed back-to-back and being axially oriented with respect to said firing pin and placed on said push pin in the location where said casing narrows at the end of the casing near a gun bore; a metal cleaning brush, said brush being affixed to and surrounding said push pin and being placed adjacent to a rag located adjacent to said casing; and a cloth rag, said rag being pierced by said push pin and placed on said push pin adjacent to said exterior frustrum of the break-away seal.

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