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US7595392: Biodegradable oxidized cellulose esters


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Vijay Kumar · Yang Dong ·
Assignee(s) University of Iowa Research Foundation ·
Attorney/Agent(s) McKee, Voorhees & Sease, P.L.C. ·
Primary Examiner Shaojia Anna Jiang ·
Assistant Examiner Everett White ·
Application Number US10007866
Filing date 12/06/2001
Issue date 09/29/2009
Prior Publication Data
Predicted expiration date 01/31/2022
Patent term adjustment 56
U.S. Classifications 536/63  · 536/69  · 536/68  · 536/67  · 536/32  · 514/54  · 536/64  ·
International Classifications C08B300  · C08B306  ·
Kind CodeB2
1 Claims, No Drawings


The present invention relates to the preparation of a series of oxidized cellulose esters suitable for use as a drug carrier in the development of biodegradable controlled and/or sustained release pharmaceutical, agricultural, and veterinary compositions, such as films, compacts, microspheres, and pellets. The esters are prepared by acylation of oxidized cellulose having at least 3% carboxyl groups. The resulting oxidized cellulose esters are soluble in aqueous alkaline solutions, water, and a variety of organic solvents.

Independent Claims | See all claims (1)

  1. 1. A biodegradable, oxidized cellulose ester having the following general formula I or II: wherein: X is selected from the group consisting of H, Na, K, Ca, NH4, and NEt3H; whereby R is (CH2)nCOOH, where n is 2 to 4; w is 0.1-1.0; x is 0.1-2.0; and n is 30-1500 and wherein: X is selected from the group consisting of H, Na, K, Ca, NH4, and NEt3H; R′ and R″ are each selected from the group consisting of: H; CF3; (CH2)nCH3, where n is from 0 to 18; (CH2)nCOOH, where n is from 1 to 8; CY═CZCOOH, where Y and Z are independently selected from the group consisting of hydrogen, methyl, branched alkyl having from 1 to 20 carbon atoms and from one to three cis or trans double bonds; branched alkenyl having from 1 to 20 carbon atoms and having from one to three cis or trans double bonds; CY—CH2, where Y is H, methyl, or phenyl; CH═CHY, where Y is C6H5; CH═CYCOOH, where Y is H or CH3; (CH2)8CH═CH(CH2)8CH3; or C6H(2-6)(COOH)0-4, CH2CH(COOH)CH2—COOH; w is 0.1-1.0; x′ is 0.1-1.9; y is 0.1-1.9; and n is 30-850.

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Other Publications

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