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US7647836: Hermetic chamber with electrical feedthroughs


Filing Information

Inventor(s) David O'Brien · Christophe Courcimault · Liang You · Mark Allen · Michael Fonseca · Florent Cros ·
Assignee(s) CardioMEMS, Inc. ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Kilpatrick Stockton LLP ·
Primary Examiner Andre J Allen ·
Application Number US11748803
Filing date 05/15/2007
Issue date 01/19/2010
Prior Publication Data
Predicted expiration date 12/20/2025
U.S. Classifications 737/56  ·
International Classifications G01L700  ·
Kind CodeB2
This application is entitled to the filing date of provisional U.S. Patent Application Ser. No. 60/801,134, filed May 15, 2006 and is a continuation-in-part of U.S. application Ser. No. 11/314,046, filed Dec. 20, 2005, which is entitled to the filing date of 60/651,670, filed Feb. 10, 2005 and 60/653,868, filed Feb. 17, 2005.
28 Claims, 12 Drawings


A pressure cavity is durable, stable, and biocompatible and configured in such a way that it constitutes pico to nanoliter-scale volume. The pressure cavity is hermetically sealed from the exterior environment while maintaining the ability to communicate with other devices. Micromachined, hermetically-sealed sensors are configured to receive power and return information through direct electrical contact with external electronics. The pressure cavity and sensor components disposed therein are hermetically sealed from the ambient in order to reduce drift and instability within the sensor. The sensor is designed for harsh and biological environments, e.g. intracorporeal implantation and in vivo use. Additionally, novel manufacturing methods are employed to construct the sensors.

Independent Claims | See all claims (28)

  1. 1. A device comprising: (a) a housing having walls defining a chamber, a first one of said walls defining said chamber comprising an exterior wall of said housing; and (b) a chip bearing electronics located within said housing and comprising at least one wire bond, for enabling electrical communication to said electronics; (c) a passage through said first one of said walls placing the chamber of said housing in communication with the ambient; (d) an electrode hermetically imposed over said passage within said chamber of said housing, whereby said passage is hermetically sealed; and (e) means for establishing electrical connection between said wire bond and said electrode; whereby said chamber is hermetically sealed; and whereby an external electrical device can be placed in electrical communication with said electrode through said passage.
  2. 25. A fixture for housing a plurality of individual sensors in alignment for processing or shipping, comprising: (a) a substrate having an upper surface, said substrate comprising a plurality of recesses formed in said upper surface of said substrate, each recess shaped to house a sensor; (b) at least one sensor housed in one of said recesses, said sensor having an upper surface; and (c) a mask imposed over at least a portion of said substrate, said mask having a lower surface in contact with said upper surface of said sensor, and said mask having a feature in predetermined relationship to said underlying sensor through which said sensor can be processed.

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