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US7929326: Distributed multiphase converters


Filing Information

Inventor(s) Kent Kernahan · Sorin Andrei Spanoche ·
Assignee(s) Array Converter Inc. ·
Attorney/Agent(s) The Marbury Law Group PLLC ·
Primary Examiner Matthew V Nguyen ·
Application Number US12708357
Filing date 02/18/2010
Issue date 04/19/2011
Prior Publication Data
Predicted expiration date 04/02/2028
U.S. Classifications 363/71  ·
International Classifications H02J110  ·
Kind CodeB2
This application claims priority of and is a continuation of the commonly assigned U.S. patent application Ser. No. 12/061,025 filed 2 Apr. 2008 by Kent Kernahan and Sorin Spanoche, which is incorporated by reference herein in its entirety.
6 Claims, 16 Drawings


A direct current to pulse amplitude modulated (“PAM”) current converter, denominated a “PAMCC”, is connected to an individual source of direct current. The PAMCC receives direct current and provides pulse amplitude modulated current at its output. The pulses are produced at a high frequency relative to the signal modulated on a sequence of pulses. The signal modulated onto a sequence of pulses may represent portions of a lower frequency sine wave or other lower frequency waveform, including DC. When the PAMCC's output is connected in parallel with the outputs of similar PAMCCs an array of PAMCCs is formed, wherein the output pulses of the PAMCCs are out of phase with respect to each other. An array of PAMCCs constructed in accordance with the present invention form a distributed multiphase inverter whose combined output is the demodulated sum of the current pulse amplitude modulated by each PAMCC.

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  1. 1. A system for converting electrical power, the system comprising: two or more direct electrical current sources; a pulse amplitude modulated current converter (“converter”) connected to each direct electrical current source, wherein each of the converters receives direct electrical current from its respective direct electrical current source and provides pulse amplitude modulated current pulses at an output terminal of the converter and further wherein the output terminal of each converter is electrically connected in parallel with the output terminals of all of the other converters in the system and further wherein the current pulses of at least two converters are out of phase with respect to each other, thereby summing the current pulses of all of the converters such that a signal modulated onto the pulse output of the converters is demodulated.

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