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USD486231: Diaper fastener


Filing Information

Inventor(s) David M. Kielb · Douglas A. Swenson ·
Assignee(s) 3M Innovative Properties Company ·
Attorney/Agent(s) Gary L. Griswold · Robert W. Sprague · William J. Bond ·
Primary Examiner Stella Reid ·
Application Number US29166745
Filing date 09/03/2002
Issue date 02/03/2004
Predicted expiration date 02/03/2018
U.S. Classifications D24/126  · D24/124  ·
International Classifications --
Kind CodeS1
International Classifications 24442-452 · D24126 · 604358 · 604387 · 604389 · 604390 · 604391 · D 9434 · D 9435 ·
1 Claims, 4 Drawings

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Referenced By

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