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Side hill bed shaper and planter

U.S. Patent US4216730 | Filed: 03/27/1978 | Issued: 08/12/1980
Assignee(s): NOBLE BILLY M | Inventor(s): Billy M. Noble | Agent(s): Gregory J. Nelson | Examiner(s): Edgar S. Burr
A cottonseed planter for planting cottonseed along a selected side of a raised bed is disclosed. The planter is adapted for two-way operation through the field and includes a tool bar frame having ...

Contouring dry land seed drill

U.S. Patent US5809915 | Filed: 06/17/1996 | Issued: 09/22/1998
Assignee(s): JK Industries, LLC | Inventor(s): James L. Jess + 1 | Agent(s): Graybeal Jackson Haley LLP | Examiner(s): Michael J. Carone
A seed drill particularly adapted for contouring uneven ground and accommodating rocks, especially where depth of furrow and placement of seed against wet soil is critical, as in dry land farming. ...

Direct drill stump jump seeder

U.S. Patent US5555825 | Filed: 07/15/1992 | Issued: 09/17/1996
Inventor(s): Ian Geddes | Agent(s): Christensen O'Connor Johnson & Kindness PLLC | Examiner(s): Michael A. Neas
A direct drill seeding unit comprising a coulter wheel (5), a pair of depth control wheels (7) and a splitter (9) where the main components of the seeding unit are pivoted on an elongate arm (1) wh...

Furrow forming apparatus for a seed planter

U.S. Patent US4744316 | Filed: 10/24/1986 | Issued: 05/17/1988
Assignee(s): J. I. Case Company | Inventor(s): Darlo E. Lienemann + 2 | Agent(s): Dressler, Goldsmith, Shore, Sutker & Milnamow, Ltd. | Examiner(s): James R. Feyrer
An adjustable down pressure mechanism is disclosed for use in association with a furrow forming apparatus of a seed planter. A parallel linkage arrangement is provided for mounting the apparatus on...

Ground closer kit for attachment to a seeding/fertilizing apparatus and a seeding/fertilizing apparatus having a ground closer plate

U.S. Patent US5566628 | Filed: 08/09/1995 | Issued: 10/22/1996
Inventor(s): Walter Schoenhofer | Agent(s): Anthony R. Lambert | Examiner(s): Terry Lee Melius
A ground closer kit for attachment to a seeding/fertilizing apparatus includes a support frame having a first end, a second end, and a bottom edge. The first end is adapted for pivotally mounting t...

Adjustable gauge wheel for a planter

U.S. Patent US5427038 | Filed: 03/25/1994 | Issued: 06/27/1995
Assignee(s): Deere & Company | Inventor(s): Frank E. Ege | Examiner(s): Randolph A. Reese
An agricultural planting machine has a pair of adjacent furrow opening disks that form a V-shaped furrow as the machine advances and a pair of ground engaging gauge wheels respectively mounted for ...

Operator controlled pressure applicator for the furrow forming mechanism of a seed planter

U.S. Patent US5555824 | Filed: 01/31/1995 | Issued: 09/17/1996
Assignee(s): Case Corporation | Inventor(s): John F. Stufflebeam + 1 | Agent(s): Rudnick & Wolfe | Examiner(s): Terry Lee Melius
A mounting mechanism is disclosed for use in association with a row unit having a furrow forming apparatus as an integral part thereof. A linkage arrangement is provided for mounting the row unit t...

Agricultural planter with sled frame, vacuum dispensing and ground drive

U.S. Patent US4493272 | Filed: 07/03/1980 | Issued: 01/15/1985
Assignee(s): ROUHOTAS SR LOUIE M | Inventor(s): Rouhotas, Sr.; Louie M. | Agent(s): Brown, Martin & Haller | Examiner(s): Steven A. Bratlie
An agricultural planter for metering seeds for row crops includes a main frame in the form of a sled with transport wheels which can be selectively raised and lowered for transporting the planter a...

Variably positionable transmission and drive assembly for a planter

U.S. Patent US4251014 | Filed: 07/07/1978 | Issued: 02/17/1981
Assignee(s): Deere & Company | Inventor(s): Gordon L. Salley + 1 | Examiner(s): Bartuska; F. J.
A transmission and drive assembly for a planter that can be transversely positioned on and selectively clamped on the planter frame at desired locations out of interfering relationship with the pla...

Skip row attachment for planter

U.S. Patent US4210260 | Filed: 07/07/1978 | Issued: 07/01/1980
Assignee(s): LUTTRELL WONDALL R | Inventor(s): Wondall R. Luttrell | Agent(s): Clarence A. O'Brien | Examiner(s): Allen N. Knowles
An attachment for a device for planting parallel rows of seeds from a single seed box is disclosed whereby selected rows can be planted or skipped as selected by the user. A frame has a linear equa...