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Planing tool for a woodworking machine

U.S. Patent US4830073 | Filed: 08/19/1988 | Issued: 05/16/1989
Assignee(s): Mida-Maquinas Industriais do Ave,Lda. | Inventor(s): De Abreu; Alfredo F. | Agent(s): Goodman & Teitelbaum | Examiner(s): Bray; W. Donald
The head (1) of the planing tool includes a plurality of helical grooves (2) of dovetail cross-section uniformly distributed over its periphery. Wedging devices (6) with knives (5) resting thereon ...

Wood router bit

U.S. Patent US5323823 | Filed: 12/11/1992 | Issued: 06/28/1994
Assignee(s): Roto Zip Tool Corporation | Inventor(s): Robert K. Kopras | Agent(s): Wood, Herron & Evans | Examiner(s): William E. Terrell
A router bit for laterally cutting through sheets of wood product, such as plywood and the like. The bit includes a shank portion adapted to be gripped in the chuck of a router, a fluted portion, a...

Rotary cutter

U.S. Patent US6116305 | Filed: 10/22/1999 | Issued: 09/12/2000
Inventor(s): Chang-Piao Lin | Agent(s): Rabin & Champagne, P.C. | Examiner(s): Bray; W. Donald
A rotary cutter is disclosed. The rotary cutter includes a roller having a plurality of flutes defined in the periphery thereof, and a plurality of blades arranged on the periphery of the roller al...

Spiral plane bit and rotary cutter incorporating same

U.S. Patent US4253506 | Filed: 10/13/1978 | Issued: 03/03/1981
Assignee(s): SHIMOHIRA KOICHI | Inventor(s): Koichi Shimohira | Agent(s): Darby & Darby | Examiner(s): Bray; W. Donald
A rotary cutter is provided with a spiral plane bit which comprises a mounting plate extending spirally in the axial direction with a constant width, the mounting plate being made in such a manner ...

Cutter arbor having helicoidal cutters for wood planing machines

U.S. Patent US4485858 | Filed: 04/05/1983 | Issued: 12/04/1984
Assignee(s): CECCHI GIANFRANCO | Inventor(s): Gianfranco Cecchi | Agent(s): Young & Thompson | Examiner(s): Bray; W. D.
In a cutter arbor for wood planing machines, continuous flexible non-adjustable pre-ground cutters, to be thrown away after wear, are inserted into helicoidal slots of the arbor itself. These dispo...

Helical flaking head with multiple cutting circle diameters

U.S. Patent US4131146 | Filed: 06/10/1977 | Issued: 12/26/1978
Assignee(s): The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of Agriculture | Inventor(s): Peter Koch | Agent(s): Silverstein; M. Howard
A rotative, flaking, cutterhead in the form of a right regular cylinder with surface mounted helical shaped cutting blades. The cutterhead characterized by multiple and progressively increasing cut...

Device for smoothing panels or battens

U.S. Patent US5979520 | Filed: 04/17/1998 | Issued: 11/09/1999
Assignee(s): Babcock-BSH GmbH | Inventor(s): Burkhard Behrendt | Agent(s): Herbert Dubno
An apparatus for smoothing a workpiece has a housing that is displaced relative to the workpiece in a direction and that carries a pair of augers provided with respective screwthreads having outer ...

Rotary cutter

U.S. Patent US4936361 | Filed: 08/28/1989 | Issued: 06/26/1990
Inventor(s): Gilles Mercier + 3
A rotary cutter bar for a tree felling apparatus. The bar comprises a cylindrical rod having a plurality of raised cutting teeth on its surface. Each tooth is in the form of a short curved bar. The...

Spiral profile cutting tool

U.S. Application | Pub No. US20070272330 | Filed: 03/06/2007 | Published: 11/29/2007
Assignee(s): TURCOT PHILIPPE + 2 | Inventor(s): Philippe Turcot + 2
A spiral profile cutting tool for cutting a profile in a wood piece comprises a body defining an axis of rotation. Typically, at least two cutting blades are provided on the body. The cutting blade...

Cutting tool device for wood planing machine

U.S. Patent US6367523 | Filed: 06/06/2001 | Issued: 04/09/2002
Inventor(s): Teng-Fu Hu | Agent(s): Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP | Examiner(s): W. Donald Bray
A cutting tool device for a wood planing machine includes a driving shaft having a cylindrical portion and a plurality of insert receiving channels. Each of the channels includes a knife seat wall ...