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Elevator door sill

U.S. Patent US5609224 | Filed: 05/31/1995 | Issued: 03/11/1997
Assignee(s): Otis Elevator Company | Inventor(s): Breffni X. Baggot | Examiner(s): Kenneth Noland
An elevator cab (10) with a door sill (28) adjacent to the landing sill (40) with a gap (44) therebetween and the door sill and/or landing sill configured to produce a visual effect of enlarging th...

Mechanical security device for elevators used between two levels

U.S. Patent US5855253 | Filed: 04/16/1996 | Issued: 01/05/1999
Inventor(s): Alain Bourgeois | Agent(s): Young & Thompson | Examiner(s): Kenneth Noland
This invention relates to a security device for an elevator which operates between two levels, comprised of a cabin (1) closed by a swinging door (2) which opens to the exterior, the cabin (1) movi...

High performance linear induction motor door operator

U.S. Patent US5862887 | Filed: 11/07/1996 | Issued: 01/26/1999
Assignee(s): Otis Elevator Company | Inventor(s): Bruce P. Swaybill + 6 | Examiner(s): Karen M. Young
An elevator car door system for opening and closing elevator car doors in an elevator car includes a high performance linear induction motor having a pair of movable motor primaries, each attached ...

Sliding elevator-door assembly and method of installation

U.S. Patent US6145630 | Filed: 10/29/1998 | Issued: 11/14/2000
Inventor(s): Harold S. Friedman + 2 | Examiner(s): Robert P. Olszewski
This invention relates to an improved sliding entrance door assembly for an elevator and to the method of installing the assembly. In one embodiment, the elevator sliding entrance door assembly com...

Elevator door arrangement

U.S. Patent US4781270 | Filed: 03/02/1987 | Issued: 11/01/1988
Assignee(s): Delaware Capital Formation, Inc. | Inventor(s): Gordon A. Holland | Agent(s): Brumbaugh, Graves, Donohue & Raymond
An elevator door arrangement includes at least one door panel and means engaging upper and lower portions of the panel for guiding the upper and lower portions for parallel movement. The means for ...

Runner guide for a sliding elevator door

U.S. Patent US5165142 | Filed: 03/12/1992 | Issued: 11/24/1992
Assignee(s): Inventio AG | Inventor(s): Richard H. Pilsbury | Agent(s): William J. Clemens
A runner guide for an elevator door includes a ramp member at an end of travel position along a guide rail for engaging a roller attached to the door and running on the guide rail. The roller has a...

Elevator escape structure

U.S. Patent US4645037 | Filed: 05/22/1985 | Issued: 02/24/1987
Inventor(s): Samuel Gomez | Agent(s): John Cyril Malloy
This invention relates to an elevator shaft structure in a building about an elevator to aid escape from the elevator upon a power failure; and it includes a structure defining an elevator shaft fo...

Assistant ceiling device for shielding escape hatch of an elevator

U.S. Patent US7469773 | Filed: 12/08/2004 | Issued: 12/30/2008
Inventor(s): Ii Shik Yoon | Agent(s): Lumen Paten Firm | Examiner(s): Peter M Cuomo
An assistant ceiling device designed to shield an escape hatch installed to a ceiling of an elevator cab is provided. The assistant ceiling device includes two elongated rail guides and a rectangul...

Safety system for an elevator

U.S. Patent US7353914 | Filed: 09/29/2004 | Issued: 04/08/2008
Assignee(s): Inventio AG | Inventor(s): Romeo Deplazes | Agent(s): Klaus P. Stoffel + 1 | Examiner(s): Jonathan Salata
A safety system for an elevator installation for the transport of persons/goods in a building and a method for operating an elevator installation with a safety system. Several cages are moved one a...

Door suspension apparatus

U.S. Application | Pub No. US20030221374 | Filed: 12/20/2001 | Published: 12/04/2003
Inventor(s): Jean-Marie Rennetaud + 1
A door suspension assembly includes a ferromagnetic flat plate horizontally extending from a support rail adapted to be attached to a door frame above a doorway or entrance portal. Two supporting b...