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Video case and method of manufacturing

U.S. Patent US5421456 | Filed: 01/31/1994 | Issued: 06/06/1995
Assignee(s): American Sealcut Corporation | Inventor(s): Kurt Kollinek | Examiner(s): Jacob K. Ackun
A plastic case suitable for housing objects, such as a video cassette, and manufactured by assembling a sandwich of heat-sealable members including a non-heat sealable stiffener member and then mov...

Cassette accommodation case

U.S. Patent US5913423 | Filed: 04/14/1998 | Issued: 06/22/1999
Assignee(s): Sony Corporation | Inventor(s): Shigeru Sasaki | Agent(s): Rader, Fishman & Grauer | Examiner(s): Paul T. Sewell
In a cassette accommodation case (1) having such a structure for laterally inserting a cassette in a sliding fashion for its accommodation from an inserting mouth portion (2) provided on its one si...

Security package with asymmetric lock

U.S. Patent US6102200 | Filed: 09/03/1999 | Issued: 08/15/2000
Assignee(s): Emplast, Inc. | Inventor(s): Larry G. Dressen + 2 | Agent(s): Nokolai, Mersereau & Dietz, P.A. | Examiner(s): Jacob K. Ackun
A security package for use in retail establishments to lock in articles which are for sale in a clear plastic case which is larger than the article displayed for sale and which optionally has enclo...

Plastic case and method for making the same

U.S. Patent US5405008 | Filed: 07/01/1993 | Issued: 04/11/1995
Assignee(s): TDK Corporation | Inventor(s): Kimio Tanaka + 2 | Agent(s): Panitch Schwarze Jacobs & Nadel | Examiner(s): Jimmy G. Foster
In making a plastic case from a molten plastic material, a molten sheet of the material is passed through a nip of a pair of molding cylinders to form a sheet of desired thickness which in turn cut...

Method for manufacturing plastic case

U.S. Patent US5552101 | Filed: 05/30/1995 | Issued: 09/03/1996
Assignee(s): TDK Corporation | Inventor(s): Tatsuo Fujii + 1 | Agent(s): Panitch Schwarze Jacobs & Nadel, P.C. | Examiner(s): Jay H. Woo
A method for making plastic case blanks is disclosed. A molten plastic material is passed through a nip of a first, preforming pair of molding cylinders to form a semi-solidified sheet having a fir...

Cassette tape holder

U.S. Patent US5431281 | Filed: 04/21/1994 | Issued: 07/11/1995
Inventor(s): Floyd R. Marshall | Examiner(s): Bryon P. Gehman
A cassette tape holder for preventing a cassette tape from unwinding during transportation that is of minimal size so that a large number of cassette tapes may be stored in a small space. The casse...

Book-style cassette holder with stay-flat spine portion

U.S. Patent US5609250 | Filed: 07/03/1995 | Issued: 03/11/1997
Assignee(s): Blair Industries Incorporated | Inventor(s): Robert E. Moser | Agent(s): Hill, Steadman & Simpson | Examiner(s): Paul T. Sewell
A new and improved book-style cassette holder is provided including a spine portion provided with stay-flat supporting features. The cassette holder includes a cover with front and rear flaps conne...

Tape cassette container casing

U.S. Patent US5499714 | Filed: 08/02/1994 | Issued: 03/19/1996
Assignee(s): Sony Corporation | Inventor(s): Toshikazu Konno | Agent(s): Ronald P. Kananen | Examiner(s): David T. Fidei
A tape cassette container casing includes a casing main member having a tape cassette housing recess for housing a tape cassette and a lid formed as one with the casing main member via a hinge. The...

Protective container for substantially cuboidal objects

U.S. Patent US5595297 | Filed: 11/22/1993 | Issued: 01/21/1997
Assignee(s): BASF Magnetics GmbH | Inventor(s): Gerald-Wolfgang Borck + 4 | Agent(s): Keil & Weinkauf | Examiner(s): Bryon P. Gehman
A protective container is provided for substantially cuboidal objects which is in the form of a hollow cuboid case which is open on one side. A case part is provided for covering the open side, the...

Arrangement for retaining and transporting audio tape cassette cases

U.S. Patent US5615773 | Filed: 12/08/1995 | Issued: 04/01/1997
Inventor(s): Roxanne Sturdivant | Agent(s): Anthony F. Cuoco | Examiner(s): Jimmy G. Foster
A plurality of audio tape cassette cases are arranged in a stack and the stack is held together via several loop or pile fastener members attached to the stack. The arrangement is such that selecte...