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Skin packaging

U.S. Patent US4375851 | Filed: 10/17/1980 | Issued: 03/08/1983
Assignee(s): Bemis Company, Inc. | Inventor(s): James P. Paulos | Agent(s): Senniger, Powers, Leavitt and Roedel | Examiner(s): Dixson, Jr.; William T.
Skin packaging material comprising a film of thermoplastic material having a reinforcement consisting of strands (in the form of netting, or all extending in one direction parallel to one another) ...

Package for a mask

U.S. Patent US4485921 | Filed: 12/12/1983 | Issued: 12/04/1984
Assignee(s): Fun World, a division of Easter Unlimited, Inc. | Inventor(s): Stanley Geller | Agent(s): Blum Kaplan Friedman Silberman & Beran | Examiner(s): Dixson, Jr.; William T.
A package for a mask having a predetermined configuration with a front convex surface and a rear concave surface in which the face of a wearer of a mask is to be positioned. The package includes a ...

Percutaneous gastrostomy kit

U.S. Patent US4573576 | Filed: 10/27/1983 | Issued: 03/04/1986
Assignee(s): KROL THOMAS C | Inventor(s): Thomas C. Krol | Agent(s): Baker, Maxham, Callan & Jester | Examiner(s): Dixson, Jr.; William T.
A percutaneous gastrostomy kit includes a mushroom catheter having a closed proximal end with a transverse bore through said end and an enlarged washer on the distal end adjacent the mushroom head,...

Mask display package

U.S. Patent US4653642 | Filed: 09/16/1985 | Issued: 03/31/1987
Assignee(s): Collegeville Flag & Manufacturing Co. | Inventor(s): Robert Hakun + 1 | Agent(s): King & Schickli | Examiner(s): William Price
A mask display package includes inner and outer shell members for protecting the face covering portion of the mask and maintaining that portion sanitary. An outer frame member holds the shell membe...

Craze-resistant polymodal linear block copolymers with terminal tapered blocks

U.S. Patent US4704434 | Filed: 03/24/1986 | Issued: 11/03/1987
Assignee(s): Phillips Petroleum Company | Inventor(s): Alonzo G. Kitchen + 1 | Agent(s): Hal Brent Woodrow | Examiner(s): Briggs, Sr.; Wilbert J.
Sequential charging of initiator and monomers in a multistage solution polymerization process involving conjugated diene and monovinylaromatic monomers wherein the final charge is a mixture of thes...

Interactive packaging

U.S. Patent US6126008 | Filed: 01/26/1998 | Issued: 10/03/2000
Assignee(s): The Brunton Company | Inventor(s): Jon T. Cox | Agent(s): John E. Reilly | Examiner(s): Paul T. Sewell
Packaging for products having at least one movable component, such as navigational compasses and binoculars, to allow a customer to try the packaged product prior to purchase. The packaging provide...

Battery package

U.S. Application | Pub No. US20010040115 | Filed: 03/22/2000 | Published: 11/15/2001
Inventor(s): Masatsugu Shiota + 2
A battery package is disclosed which permits only required batteries of a plurality of accommodated batteries to be removed and which can be used as a container after the battery package has been o...

Blister pack and frame assembly

U.S. Patent US4848577 | Filed: 09/20/1988 | Issued: 07/18/1989
Assignee(s): Buddy L. Corporation | Inventor(s): Leo Hoffman + 4 | Agent(s): Michael Ebert | Examiner(s): William Price
A double-faced blister pack and frame assembly for packaging and displaying an article of merchandise. The article is sandwiched between a pair of superposed, transparent plastic sheets whose centr...

Blister pack

U.S. Patent US5307934 | Filed: 12/16/1992 | Issued: 05/03/1994
Assignee(s): HAGNER HANS | Inventor(s): Hans Hagner | Agent(s): Spensley Horn Jubas & Lubitz | Examiner(s): Jimmy G. Foster
In a blister pack for packaging an article and composed of a perforated lower plastic backing part and an upper, cut plastic cover part which at least partly surrounds and conforms closely to the a...

Packaging unit for objects

U.S. Patent US5429241 | Filed: 01/07/1994 | Issued: 07/04/1995
Inventor(s): Wolfgang Althaus | Agent(s): Robert W. Becker & Associates | Examiner(s): Jacob K. Ackun
A packaging unit for objects has a first part and a second part connected to the first part, with the object to be packaged arranged between the first and the second parts. The first part is a flat...