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Necktie and knot article

U.S. Patent US4000523 | Filed: 03/17/1976 | Issued: 01/04/1977
Assignee(s): Lawrence Peska Associates, Inc. | Inventor(s): Walter Woods
A snap engaging necktie knot piece that includes engaging means such as "Velcro" thereon to engage the necktie.

Tie holder

U.S. Patent US4655375 | Filed: 08/01/1985 | Issued: 04/07/1987
Inventor(s): Chris C. Pazeotopoulos | Agent(s): Kolisch, Hartwell & Dickinson
A necktie-securing clamp of flattish construction anchorable to a wearer's shirt button for retaining the folds of a four-in-hand is defined. Included is a flat button-mounting upper portion with a...

Method of securing a necktie to a shirt front and device therefor

U.S. Patent US5715538 | Filed: 09/05/1996 | Issued: 02/10/1998
Inventor(s): David B. Soll | Agent(s): Panitch Schwarze Jacobs & Nadel, P.C.
A necktie securing device for securing to a shirt front a necktie having a tail, an apron and a label, the label being attached to a rear surface of the apron, to a shirt front when the tail is dis...

Self-restraining necktie

U.S. Patent US5813053 | Filed: 07/12/1993 | Issued: 09/29/1998
Inventor(s): Vincent J. Pileggi | Agent(s): Synnestvedt & Lechner
The present invention is directed to improved apparatus and method for providing a necktie restraining apparatus. The present invention employs a fusion cloth to stiffen necktie material so that it...

Four in hand necktie with integral clasp

U.S. Patent US4184231 | Filed: 07/11/1977 | Issued: 01/22/1980
Inventor(s): Yehuda A. Konnan | Agent(s): Malin & Haley
A four in hand necktie with a permanently attached clasp for removably attaching the tie to the edge of a shirt opening. The holder is made of a first horizontal flexible member made of a ribbon, a...

Non-penetrating tie restraining device

U.S. Patent US5802678 | Filed: 07/16/1997 | Issued: 09/08/1998
Inventor(s): Joe A. Puente | Agent(s): John D. Gugliotta
A tie restraining device for use with conventional neckwear is disclosed having an elongated tie restraining clamp for clipping around a tie in a non-penetrating manner.

Necktie retainer

U.S. Patent US5007139 | Filed: 07/10/1990 | Issued: 04/16/1991
Inventor(s): Mark E. Ahern
A necktie retainer that restricts movement of the necktie by providing a full flexure tensor member attached to the upper garment of the wearer, a necktie movement governing length of filamentary m...

Knot simulator

U.S. Patent US3964105 | Filed: 03/24/1975 | Issued: 06/22/1976
Inventor(s): Thomas R. Gideon | Agent(s): Sughrue, Rothwell, Mion, Zinn & Macpeak
A knot simulator has a shield with top and bottom sections. The inner surface of the shield carries upper spring clips on the top section, and an enlarged clasp spans the bottom section. The clips ...

Necktie fastening device

U.S. Patent US5577302 | Filed: 07/28/1995 | Issued: 11/26/1996
Inventor(s): Wesley A. Bortle | Agent(s): Joseph N. Breaux
A necktie fastening device including a pair of securing members that are attachable to the severed, central ends of a conventional necktie that has been severed in half with a pair of scissors or t...

Necktie restraint

U.S. Patent US5353438 | Filed: 04/12/1993 | Issued: 10/11/1994
Assignee(s): Tie-Mate, Inc. | Inventor(s): Reggie Voiles
A device and method for restraining the tail of a necktie to the front of a shirt. The device includes a longitudinal strip of flexible material with a sewn longitudinal button hole on one end and ...