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Guide line holder

U.S. Patent US4231156 | Filed: 05/24/1979 | Issued: 11/04/1980
Assignee(s): Lawrence F. Myers | Inventor(s): Izates C. Cooper | Agent(s): Knox & Knox
A tool for holding lines such as are used in guiding paving machines, in earth moving and leveling, and the like, comprising a stake, ordinarily a length of cylindrical metal rod or tubular stock w...

Engaging device

U.S. Patent US5713112 | Filed: 06/20/1996 | Issued: 02/03/1998
Inventor(s): Claude Paul Genero + 1
An engaging device for releasably engaging an object. The engaging device comprising a supporting part and an engaging part mounted on the supporting part for pivotal movement about two spaced apar...

Portable beam clamp

U.S. Patent US4541155 | Filed: 04/26/1984 | Issued: 09/17/1985
Inventor(s): Paul L. Gagnon | Agent(s): Kenneth J. Hovet
A portable clamp/hanger device that provides a rigid connection that is releasable between a support beam and a hoist or other load-carrying means. The device includes a movable platform pivoted to...

Device and method for flexibly attaching a pager

U.S. Patent US5426825 | Filed: 01/29/1993 | Issued: 06/27/1995
Assignee(s): Motorola, Inc. | Inventor(s): Leonid Soren + 4 | Agent(s): Darleen J. Stockley
A flexibly adjustable mounting clip assembly and method for providing the assembly for a pager includes a swivel assembly (104) for raising and rotating the mounting clip (102) approximately

Clamp for railed surgical tables

U.S. Application | Pub No. US20080052835 | Filed: 10/29/2007 | Published: 03/06/2008
Assignee(s): MALCOLM ROGER J | Inventor(s): Roger Malcolm
A surgical table width extender having an angled tang structure for engaging the gap formed between a standard table and its stand-off-mounted side rail. The tang structure contacts portions of the...

Spring clip

U.S. Application | Pub No. US20050011053 | Filed: 07/15/2003 | Published: 01/20/2005
Inventor(s): Jan Folkmar
A clip comprising a pair of jaws connected by a fulcrum for pivotal movement between opposed positions and an arched spring associated with each jaw for biasing the jaws to one position. Each jaw m...