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Integral pivot and lock apparatus for slide rack mounted boxes

U.S. Patent US4258967 | Filed: 11/02/1979 | Issued: 03/31/1981
Assignee(s): Digital Equipment Corporation | Inventor(s): Ronald B. Boudreau | Agent(s): Maureen Stretch | Examiner(s): Victor N. Sakran
An integral pivot and lock apparatus for slide rack mounted mounting boxes is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a positioning means, such as index plate (38), having a number of locking positions ...

Closure for a cooking oven

U.S. Patent US4683871 | Filed: 07/19/1985 | Issued: 08/04/1987
Assignee(s): SALVI FRANCISCO J | Inventor(s): Francisco J. Salvi | Agent(s): Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner | Examiner(s): James C. Yeung
A cooking oven having a door with shelves attached to the inner surface. The oven chamber has substantially flat surfaces with the shelves being outside the oven chamber when the door is opened. A ...

Keyboard tray including retractable mouse tray

U.S. Patent US5771814 | Filed: 05/19/1997 | Issued: 06/30/1998
Assignee(s): Allsop, Inc. | Inventor(s): Eivind Clausen | Agent(s): Christensen O'Connor Johnson & Kindness PLLC | Examiner(s): Peter M. Cuomo
An apparatus for holding a computer keyboard and mouse adjacent a table or similar structure is disclosed. The apparatus includes a mounting bracket and three rail brackets, two rail guides secured...

Cable carrier/retractor

U.S. Patent US4614383 | Filed: 12/31/1984 | Issued: 09/30/1986
Assignee(s): General Dynamics, Electronics Division | Inventor(s): Bradford L. Polley + 1 | Agent(s): Brown, Martin & Haller | Examiner(s): William E. Lyddane
A cable carrier/retractor for supporting, protecting and guiding a cable to an equipment drawer in a cabinet including a framework while at the same time allowing for addition or removal of cables ...

Door-operating apparatus for analyzer

U.S. Patent US4610490 | Filed: 08/02/1984 | Issued: 09/09/1986
Assignee(s): Seiko Instruments & Electronics Ltd. | Inventor(s): Mitsuo Naito + 1 | Agent(s): Robert E. Burns | Examiner(s): William E. Lyddane
A door-operating apparatus for an analyzer, comprising first and second rails provided on an analyzer body, a movable member provided on said first rail, a slider fixed to said movable member, a sa...

Cable management system

U.S. Patent US6326547 | Filed: 11/02/1999 | Issued: 12/04/2001
Assignee(s): Compaq Computer Corporation | Inventor(s): Don M. Saxby + 6 | Agent(s): Fenwick & West LLP | Examiner(s): Dean A. Reichard
A cable management system for organizing and controlling cables extending from an electronic device while providing substantially unimpeded device access, substantially unrestricted cable movement ...

Oven rack

U.S. Patent US4051838 | Filed: 04/27/1976 | Issued: 10/04/1977
Assignee(s): PINCKNEY CHERYL | Inventor(s): Cheryl Pinckney | Agent(s): Allen D. Brufsky | Examiner(s): Edward G. Favors
An oven having a slidable rack. A handle is connected to the rack and projects exteriorly of the oven for movement in an elongated slot in an oven side wall. Movement of the handle in the slot will...

Waste bin

U.S. Patent US4304448 | Filed: 04/14/1980 | Issued: 12/08/1981
Assignee(s): M. Westermann & Co. GmbH | Inventor(s): Josef Neuhaus + 1 | Agent(s): Martin A. Farber | Examiner(s): Victor N. Sakran
A waste bin for incorporation in a cabinet with a hinged door having a pivot pin extending vertically, laterally of the bin, the pivot pin being operatively mounted on brackets on the other side of...

Forms organizer

U.S. Patent US6042204 | Filed: 02/05/1999 | Issued: 03/28/2000
Inventor(s): Eduardo J. Quirch + 1 | Agent(s): J. Sanchelima | Examiner(s): Peter M. Cuomo
An organizer for forms that includes a housing with front and rear openings and several guiding members mounted within the housing at a predetermined spaced apart relationship with respect to each ...

Stabilizer leg interlock

U.S. Patent US4624511 | Filed: 06/24/1985 | Issued: 11/25/1986
Assignee(s): Harris Corporation | Inventor(s): William J. Oehme | Agent(s): Joel I. Rosenblatt | Examiner(s): James T. McCall
A cabinet has drawers mounted for movement in and out of the cabinet to prevent the cabinet from tipping when one or more of those drawers are displaced outside the cabinet while still attached to ...