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Thermally insulated pipe with electrically conducting portions for dissipating static electricity

U.S. Patent US4103320 | Filed: 11/22/1976 | Issued: 07/25/1978
Assignee(s): Wavin B. V. | Inventor(s): de Putter; Warner Jan | Agent(s): Wigman & Cohen | Examiner(s): Laramie E. Askin
A thermally insulated pipe particularly destined for mining industries, comprising an outer and an inner pipe, whereinbetween an insulating layer is arranged, the outer pipe being made of a synthet...

Aircraft grounding receptacle

U.S. Patent US4541684 | Filed: 02/16/1983 | Issued: 09/17/1985
Assignee(s): T. J. Electronics, Inc. | Inventor(s): Howard E. Holman + 1 | Agent(s): Michael A. O'Neil | Examiner(s): Eugene F. Desmond
An aircraft grounding receptacle comprising a connector portion and a tubular portion. The connector portion includes an external thread and a hexagonal portion. The tubular portion includes a redu...

Grounding detection circuit

U.S. Patent US5113303 | Filed: 03/29/1990 | Issued: 05/12/1992
Assignee(s): Cooper Industries, Inc. | Inventor(s): Donald C. Herres | Agent(s): Michael F. Heim | Examiner(s): Steven L. Stephan
An improved grounding detection circuit includes an intrinsically safe circuit connected to a grounding clip for grounding vehicles and container durng the transfer and storage of combustible mater...

Externally non-conductive hose assembly

U.S. Patent US5430603 | Filed: 02/25/1994 | Issued: 07/04/1995
Assignee(s): Titeflex Corporation | Inventor(s): Mark F. Albino + 2 | Agent(s): Bonzagni; Mary R.Holland & Associates | Examiner(s): Jeffrey A. Gaffin
An externally non-conductive hose assembly is provided which is made up of a hollow cylindrical member novelly connected to coupling means, where the connection prevents the dissipation of electric...

Sheathed steel pipe with conductive plastic resin

U.S. Patent US5812358 | Filed: 04/10/1996 | Issued: 09/22/1998
Assignee(s): Yazaki Industrial Chemical Co. Ltd. | Inventor(s): Hisaji Kawai + 1 | Agent(s): Eric P. Schellin | Examiner(s): Fritz Fleming
A pipe body sheathed with a film of plastic resin. A strip of conductive plastic resin is along the entire length of the pipe body and made integral with the resin film by extrusion. The conductive...

Control of static neutralization employing cables and wires

U.S. Patent US4502093 | Filed: 09/21/1982 | Issued: 02/26/1985
Assignee(s): Consan Pacific Incorporated | Inventor(s): Donald G. Saurenman | Agent(s): William W. Haefliger | Examiner(s): Reinhard J. Eisenzopf
Apparatus to reduce static electricity in a work zone comprises: (a) a first electrically conductive cable having tips spaced therealong to dispense positive ions in response to first voltage appli...

Positive and negative ion distributor bar

U.S. Patent US4502091 | Filed: 02/21/1984 | Issued: 02/26/1985
Assignee(s): SAURENMAN DONALD G | Inventor(s): Donald G. Saurenman | Agent(s): William W. Haefliger | Examiner(s): Reinhard J. Eisenzopf
Apparatus to reduce static electricity in a work zone comprises: (a) first electrical conductor having first tips spaced therealong in a first longitudinal row to dispense positive ions in response...

Grounding system and detection circuit for fueling

U.S. Patent US5159523 | Filed: 10/24/1990 | Issued: 10/27/1992
Assignee(s): Cornerstone Fuels, Inc. | Inventor(s): Daniel L. Claassen + 2 | Agent(s): Moore & Hansen | Examiner(s): Steven L. Stephan
A grounding system and detection circuit comprising a dual grounding configuration having a first or primary grounding means and a second or default grounding means, and a detection circuit connect...

Quick cooling spray

U.S. Patent US5477993 | Filed: 03/22/1994 | Issued: 12/26/1995
Assignee(s): Sunhayato Co., Ltd. | Inventor(s): Kiyochika Maeda | Agent(s): Evenson, McKeown, Edwards & Lenahan | Examiner(s): Andres Kashnikow
A quick cooling spray wherein a plastic nozzle body in the form of a bottomed cap-shaped has a ceiling plate held in a cantilever manner and a connection portion formed on a bottom surface of the c...

Electrical charge dissipation device

U.S. Patent US5754388 | Filed: 06/14/1996 | Issued: 05/19/1998
Inventor(s): Ernest A. Schmidt | Agent(s): Timothy J. Martin | Examiner(s): Jeffrey A. Gaffin
An electrical charge dissipation device is interposed between two sections of a fluid flow line and is operative to dissipate electrical charges present therein in order to reduce corrosion. The ch...