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Total internal reflection-type optical waveguide switch

U.S. Patent US5369718 | Filed: 10/13/1992 | Issued: 11/29/1994
Assignee(s): The Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. | Inventor(s): Yoshiyuki Kamata + 1 | Agent(s): Frishauf, Holtz, Goodman & Woodward | Examiner(s): John D. Lee
In a total internal reflection-type optical waveguide switch which comprises optical waveguides crossing each other so that a refractive index changing region for developing a reflective surface is...

Thermal optical switches for light

U.S. Patent US5732168 | Filed: 10/31/1995 | Issued: 03/24/1998
Assignee(s): Hewlett Packard Company | Inventor(s): David K. Donald | Examiner(s): John D. Lee
A thermal optical switching cell has a channel of either gas or boilable liquid that crosses an optical waveguide at a forty-five degree angle. Two or more appropriately placed heaters use the wate...

High-speed optical switch

U.S. Patent US5748812 | Filed: 07/09/1996 | Issued: 05/05/1998
Inventor(s): Michael P. Buchin | Agent(s): Limbach & Limbach L.L.P. | Examiner(s): Rodney B. Bovernick
A high-speed optical switch having a first light port, a second light port, a focussing system, a mirror, and a motor. The focussing system focuses light from the first light port at a focal point ...

High density non-volatile memory device incorporating thiol-derivatized porphyrins

U.S. Patent US6208553 | Filed: 07/01/1999 | Issued: 03/27/2001
Assignee(s): The Regents of the University of California | Inventor(s): Daniel Tomasz Gryko + 5 | Agent(s): Skjerven Morrill MacPherson LLP + 1 | Examiner(s): Vu A. Le
This invention provides novel high density memory devices that are electrically addressable permitting effective reading and writing, that provide a high memory density (e.g., 1015 bits/cm3), that ...

Multi-wavelength cross-connect optical switch

U.S. Patent US6289145 | Filed: 07/18/2000 | Issued: 09/11/2001
Assignee(s): The Regents of the University of California | Inventor(s): Olav Solgaard + 2 | Agent(s): John P. O Banion | Examiner(s): John D. Lee
A cross-connect switch for fiber-optic communication networks employing a wavelength dispersive element, such as a grating, and a stack of regular (non-wavelength selective) cross bar switches usin...

Pixellated wdm optical components

U.S. Patent US6263123 | Filed: 03/12/1999 | Issued: 07/17/2001
Assignee(s): Lucent Technologies | Inventor(s): David J. Bishop + 1 | Examiner(s): Hemang Sanghavi
A micromirror array is used to form optical apparatus useful in WDM optical networks. In one embodiment, the micromirror array is used to insert a desired attenuation in individual channels for pur...

Fiberoptic reflective variable attenuator and on-off switch

U.S. Patent US6195479 | Filed: 06/28/1999 | Issued: 02/27/2001
Assignee(s): E-Tek Dynamics, Inc. | Inventor(s): Jing-Jong Pan | Agent(s): Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP | Examiner(s): Rodney Bovernick
A polarization-insensitive fiberoptic reflective variable aftenuator and on-off switch is provided. The device has a sleeve holding a pair of optical fibers, a first, second and third birefringent ...

Optical protection system for liquid crystal switches

U.S. Patent US6323974 | Filed: 01/25/2000 | Issued: 11/27/2001
Assignee(s): Corning Incorporated | Inventor(s): J. Michael Harris + 1 | Agent(s): Juliana Agon | Examiner(s): Leslie Pascal
An optical device protection system provides dedicated and shared protection for a plurality of optical working devices which may include four-port optical working devices. The system includes an o...

Optical switch with flexure pivot

U.S. Patent US6275624 | Filed: 12/03/1999 | Issued: 08/14/2001
Assignee(s): Optical Coating Laboratory, Inc. | Inventor(s): Richard Ian Seddon | Examiner(s): James Phan
An optical switch for use in optical telecommunication applications is configured to tolerate vibration and shock loading, preserving optical alignment at a plurality of switching positions and dur...

Fiber-optic free-space micromachined matrix switches

U.S. Application | Pub No. US20010006569 | Filed: 01/31/2001 | Published: 07/05/2001
Assignee(s): AT&T Corp | Inventor(s): Lih-Yuan Lin
An optical switch device redirects a beam of light traveling along a first direction to a second direction and includes a base member, a reflective panel and an actuator. The reflective panel is pi...