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Machine tool and method

U.S. Patent US4118139 | Filed: 06/07/1976 | Issued: 10/03/1978
Assignee(s): LEMELSON JEROME H | Inventor(s): Jerome H. Lemelson | Examiner(s): Harrison L. Hinson
An apparatus and method are provided for controlling automatic machines such as a metal cutting tool to perform predetermined operations on a work-piece. Different means are provided for sensing th...

Programmable power supply for ultrasonic applications

U.S. Patent US4409659 | Filed: 12/15/1980 | Issued: 10/11/1983
Assignee(s): Sonobond Ultrasonics, Inc. | Inventor(s): Janet Devine | Agent(s): Austin R. Miller
This method provides methods and apparatus for programmably regulating power provided to ultrasonically vibrate a metal-cutting tool, with power being regulated as a function of physical parameters...

Portable rapid and quiet drill

U.S. Patent US7824247 | Filed: 06/01/2007 | Issued: 11/02/2010
Assignee(s): The United States of America as represented by the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration | Inventor(s): Yoseph Bar-Cohen + 4 | Agent(s): Mark Homer | Examiner(s): Timothy V Eley
A hand-held drilling device, and method for drilling using the device, has a housing, a transducer within the housing, with the transducer effectively operating at ultrasonic frequencies, a rotatin...

Method for machining workpieces on a cutting machine tool

U.S. Patent US8257002 | Filed: 04/21/2010 | Issued: 09/04/2012
Assignee(s): Chiron-Werke GmbH & Co. KG | Inventor(s): Dirk Prust + 1 | Agent(s): Morrison & Foerster LLP | Examiner(s): Daniel Howell
In the case of a method for chip-removing machining of workpieces (14), in particular for making bores in workpieces (14), wherein a tool (18) is put into rotation (20) relative to the workpiece (1...

Ultrasonic machining module

U.S. Patent US8870500 | Filed: -- | Issued: --
A device for use in a machining system, including an ultrasonic transducer, wherein the ultrasonic transducer is adapted to receive a tool bit; a housing adapted to be both compatible with the mach...

Ultrasonic machining assembly for use with portable devices

U.S. Patent US8905689 | Filed: -- | Issued: --
A machining system that includes an ultrasonic machining assembly, wherein the ultrasonic machining assembly further includes a machining tool; a collet adapted to receive the machining tool; and a...